Canto II Hollow Men

I believe all of the RI and Peach versions of Canto II all have printing errors. There is an extra page (duplicate) before the last cover.

Has anyone else seen this? Is that good or bad for these books from a secondary market perspective?

If they all have it, no impact. Unless they get recalled and only some make it out.

I guess that explains why I havent gotten it yet, though. Are they not shipping them?

My 1:10 shipped from Midtown

I received my 1:10 from midtown also and they have the error also. The regular non ratio doesn’t have it.

Pretty sure it is all RI and exclusives (peach covers)

Still waiting for my Peach cover to ship.

Checked my 1:10 and it has the extra pages as well.

Then the error is “working as designed” then… I doubt they’re gonna recall or do another printing just to fix after shipping these all out.

Not a peep from Gotham Central Comics…

Still no shipment out of Gotham.

But the supposed error copies are showing up on eBay.

Besides Elrey and Gotham Central, who else offered the Peach cover? I wonder how these are getting leaked out if no one is shipping them.

My order from El Rey is scheduled to deliver tomorrow.

It’s also the 1:10. I received copies from Midtown and Stadium and they had the same error. Not sure about the 1:25

Just saw something that is rubbing me the wrong way. El-Rey comics has a listing for the ERROR set 1:10 and 1:25 listed for $400 and apparently they have sold a few.

Feels wrong considering I received 2 copies from them and 3 from midtown and they all have it. Technically and by the letter of the law they are doing nothing wrong, but it just feels dirty to me.

They can list at whatever price they want… and we consumers can tell them to F off… while warning others to steer clear of such price gouging… :wink:

I’m going to post one for $399. That will show them :innocent:

I’m gonna list my 1:10 for $301.86 just to show you… :wink:

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Just a friendly update. IDW is replacing all my Canto covers and replacing all ratios for stores that qualified. I am offering clients who already have the errors the chance to swap them out if they want and all pending orders will have corrected copies.

As per amounts released, the sketch by far will be the rarest error. Maybe 20 got out to the wild. Virgins maybe 50.

non distributed copies are to be destroyed and they are doing a replacement printing

Record the destroying of them for us… then we’ll know they were actually destroyed. I’ve never heard of shops “actually destroying” books when asked to… :wink:

And welcome to the forums! :smiley:

So, let me ask you, if you are to offer replacements for people who ordered the book and are told to destroy the errors, why haven’t you yanked your eBay Listing for the error books yet?