Canto optioned for animated movie

Canto by David Booher and Drew Zucker has been picked up by Will Smith’s production company for development as a feature length animated movie. I’ve been a big speculator on Canto since day 1 (got a short box full of issues and a bunch slabbed) and I’m glad to see it coming. You can still pick up original art from Drew Zucker for the second story arc from (full disclosure, I own 2 covers and an interior page myself).

Very nice… I still want the 2D side scrolling video game as well…

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want to talk about heartbreak? I have one of the only 4 sets of ornaments they released . A friend tripped and ran into my display case knocking over my slabs and breaking the gold one. I still haven’t attempted surgery to put him back together.

You mean “x-friend”…

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I still have a 1st print. I was going to list it a while back but I liked the story so I kept it. Its a 9.6-9.8 CGC or 9.4-9.6 CBCS candidate lol. My comic shop has a 9.8 CGC SS for $200. A little steep for my taste :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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a 9.8 would be a steal at that - if it’s a 1st print it’s a $600 book. I have some 9.2s I’m thinking of cracking and pressing and a couple raws I need to press and submit. Plus I have all the other printings already slabbed. The 1st print is notorious to get high grade because most had a manufacturing crease on the back.


I would need to check what printing it is. Will check tomorrow if they still have it

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I gave you a shout out @Braainz as well. :wink:

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Does anyone recall the sort of animated introductions about the Elf Wars/Elf Lords and Machines in the Hellboy movies? (the first couple…not the newest remake one).

The Golden Army prologue/introduction scene.

I feel like that sort of look and animation would be perfect for Canto and I immediately though of those scenes back when I first read it.

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I knew it was only a matter of time before a Canto movie. Those #1’s are hard to find in high grade. I tried to get into the read but idk, just wasn’t my cup of tea. Animation should work really great though.


Sell now, or hold until the trailer comes out?

It seems the normal spec cycle goes: bump at announcement, then dip during production, second spike at trailer, then slight dip until the high at release. I think if you have mid-grade copies I think you can unload them now, but high grade or graded stuff wait for release. If you have high grade unslabbed copies, now would be the time to get them sent in to CGC. Remember, Canto 1 needs a press because of the rear cover crease on almost all of them.

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Wait, so CGC is giving 9.8s to books that have only the manufacturing defect (cover crease)? I have 15 copies that are pretty darn close to perfect minus the defect. I tried to press a couple and realized there was nothing I could do with the crease. They are all preorder copies so I have almost nothing into them but never even considered sending them in for grading because of the cover defect.

Not two of mine… I managed to snag 2 x pristine already 9.8 or so books originally… :slight_smile:

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I have 2 that were given a 9.2 sent in without being prescreened. Typical CGC, there’s no notes, but I can only assume they dinged them for the crease

Luckily I stashed a 2nd print #1 i found on the shelf

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Evening all - with the FOC of the new series happening now and the OG series going to the moon - do we see a bit of FOMO with this book? Thoughts on the spec for this book?

Sell now… if you have multiple copies of #1, hold one perhaps if and when the movie is made.

For me, these books always seem to have a pattern and just like with stocks, you can sell at a profit and be satisfied or hold out for the next (hopefully) bump.
This is the third bump this far on Canto.
I personally am holding. I like the comic and like what I’ve seen by way of news. Diamond hands! :slight_smile:
Man, I’m starting to sound like the Reddit Gamestop thread.

It’s only FOMO if it goes back down and show bombs.

Some people thought the craziness surrounding UF4 and Miles morales was FOMO when 9.8s sailed past $500.

Not so looking back.

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