Captain Carter show/movie


I guess Murphy is only 2 months behind

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I didn’t buy Sgt Fury #1 randomly last week.

I can tell you what’s being kicked around Howling Commandos, original Nick Fury, Hydra Stomper, Braddocks, Red Skull, Arnim Zola robot form, Sin, Black Widow, Hydra Cap.

And then they will ask for a list of villain names, pick one, and just make up their own character. It’s a proven formula…. oh, wait.

i heard its going to release in 2 parts

Why?! She already had a show and it failed spectacularly. All these awesome characters and they try to retry an already failed show.

The number of cool characters marvel has and we’re going to have to see another show starring a character who’s previous show failed miserably. Makes sense.

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