Captain Marvel 18 1:25 2nd Print

What are the thoughts on this one? Didn’t even now it existed until I browsed some 8/10 FOC listings on another site. I was thinking about getting the regular 2nd print and came across it. Venom 27 & CM 18 1:25 2nd prints aren’t listed on TFAW for some reason.

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Venom 27 and Captain marvel 2nd prints are at unknowncomics no images yet tho

I got 5 copies of the 1st print. Need something good on the 2nd to compel me to buy.

I hear u. I just ordered 2 of 2nd. I have 4 of the 1st.

Just the regular 2nd prints - not the ratios.

Thanks for the info, just ordered one from my LCS for 50% off ratio after I added 3 discounted copies of the 2nd print to make up their quota.

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Yeah. Snagged 2 of the 2nd print. Why not.

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Has anyone come across a shop selling these for less than $50? I asked my LCS and they said right now I could lock it in at $80, but if I wait, and it’s available, they’ll price it at 75% of whatever it’s selling for on eBay - could be higher or lower. eBay is at about $50 or so right now.

If my shop told me that… that’s when I just find a new shop.

I hear that… it was a very frustrating thing to hear from them, but I guess business is business. I don’t like to burn bridges but I make a mental note going forward.


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Which cover of Ice Cream Man is this?

The one which will feature Truffula flavored…

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Here’s the cover.

I wouldn’t pay over $2.99 for that cover…


I like it. Character + name on the cover doesn’t happen often. Definitely not a beautiful cover, and hopefully that’ll keep the print run low.

Well, might not be that low if they’re doing a ratio variant for it…

Yeah but with only 4 listings on eBay, I’d say most retailers aren’t going for it. Compare to how many 1:25 ratio variants there were available on eBay of the other hot spec books we’ve been discussing, pre-release.

Well, it’s FOC tonight and doesn’t come out until Sept 2nd. I’d imagine that’s one reason there’s not a lot of listings yet for pre-sales.

thats cover A, not the ratio. the ratio will be a sketch cover of first print cover A