Captain Marvel 18 1:25 2nd Print

I’m just discussing the 2nd print in general… I don’t have the same feeling for the 2nd print for this book as the first.

Why? 2nd print is her first cover app

It all depends… first cover doesn’t always win out… plus, we gotta see where they take her and how the market reacts. Plus that cover isn’t the greatest.

1st cover along with 1st appearance almost always wins out. Look at Venom 25 2nd print wraparound with Codex on the cover. 1st cameo + cover. Same with Virus - 25 Horn variant will beat out 26 and 25 2nd print will beat out 27. Question with CM18 is will people care about her half sister? Right now I’m not so sure, but you know she wasn’t introduced to sit around and be the little sister… they’re going to give her powers and a title at some point and that’s when the 2nd print will come into play.

The 2nd print releases Sept 2, #19 has her on the cover and releases this week. 2nd print not a first cover and by the time it comes out there will already be 4 appearances of the character so I would call it a waste of money for the 2nd print. Sure you’ll have a month old reprinting of her 1st appearance with her on the cover but it will be 3 covers and 4 appearances to late for me to care.

Even if it isn’t the 1st cover - people want the 1st appearance issue with the character on the cover. That’s the main reason Hulk 181 sells for so much more than 180. Thanos 13 3rd print isn’t the 1st cover appearance of CGR, but it’s selling for almost as much as the 1st print and IMO will eventually blow up. Also, Venom 3 3rd print. 6 months from now, if the sister heats up in a major way, people will undoubtedly seek out the 2nd print with her on the cover.

Anybody else feel like Captain Marvel’s half-sister is going to die within the next few issues?


Silver Surfer is not on the cover of FF#48 and does just as well as Hulk #181 because it’s about a full appearance of Surfer and Wolverine not the cover.

I don’t think so. I’ve read Captain Marvel #19… a lot of the issue is about her… I don’t get the sense she’s gonna die anytime soon.

How do you feel about issue #21 though? That isn’t Carol in the coffin. Then, in issue #22 we bust into a new arc.

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Because we know they ain’t killing Captain Marvel

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Kelly Thompson tweeted last night about a new book coming out in nov, house 9. one of the house had picture of the sister

I’m just saying that having the character on the cover will always help a 1st appearance book.

I don’t think that’s for a book. I thought it was just a fun thing she was posting.

Yep what house you would want to spend quarantine in.

wrong she confirmed its for a book someone asked her

Well the Captain Marvel sister didn’t make it to House 9. So she wouldn’t be in it. She’s in House8 so therefore eliminated from possible characters Kelly drew.

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Well, it looks like the character(s) in House 9 will be for a possible new book she is writing. So, I still think Carol’s half-sister dies.

It’s too much info… and death means nothing in the comic book world. :wink:

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FF 48 also is the first Galactus. So it’s got two things going for it. And Galactus is called out in the cover.

But FF49 is first cover for both…just not enough to overcome 2 firsts The issue prior…but I think FF49 is undervalued and once they hit the MCU I bet its increase in value surpasses FF48 percentage wise, I mean the FF49 cover blows away 48…but no way it’ll ever pass it.