Captain Marvel 18 1:25 2nd Print

I think the book that sees the biggest gains when SS makes it to the MCU is FF50. FF 48 & 49 are already so expensive, and FF 50 is so undervalued.

It’s weird because I think it’s such a terrible cover…but it’s all surfer, so some like that.

But it is Johnny’s first day in college…has that going for it.

I love the cover, and don’t forget Wyatt!

3 copies of the 2nd print, $11 shipped. I’ll take a shot.

Finally popped up at TFAW:

Interesting that they waited until after FOC to put it up.

FOC ends at Midnight tonight…

Still cutting it close

Cover art released

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That’s not a sketch!

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Sure it is… they had someone color the sketch… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Damnit. I like sketch covers…

Well not what you want either like Venom #27 curse you marvel

Same here. Don’t worry your dog will still see it as a sketch cover.


I don’t think that cover art is right…
You still in the game @monopolyjackson

Thats the Unknown Comics store variant

That is definitely in the running for worst cover of the year, and with no trade dress it looks even worse.

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Photo variant cover…:grin: