Captain Marvel 2 - Movie Rumors

“ Apparently, Ms. Marvel will take on a supporting role in the sequel, while it will also “include many important MCU characters,” with the site going on to describe it as a “mini-Avengers film.” That lines up with what we’ve heard before, and they go on to seemingly confirm that the plan is for the movie to adapt the Secret Invasion storyline.”

I like Rogue and Moonstone rumors from awhile ago that’s the story how Rogue gains flight and depowers Captain Marvel of a good amount of her power permanently.

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It would make sense for other Avengers since Rogue first appears in Avengers and Moonstone first appear in Hulk. Moonstone is a Dark Avenger too they are suppose to make that down the line.

I went searching for some info after you mentioned this.

dont trust that site

I don’t think Secret Invasion is in the cards. Or I mean maybe it could work. They could be fleeing whatever planet they were on. Fleeing from say Galactus.

Regardless Kamala Khan is a hot character who I think will be around for the long haul. I almost feel bad selling her first full appearance 2nd print.

Oh yeah… I think if you look up the word “click bait” in the dictionary, they link you to that website… :wink:

Captain Marvel is too powerful in the movies so that’s why I believe we have to get that Rogue story or every MCU movie we are going to have in the future we are going to be asking why didn’t Captain Marvel just save the day.

Who would he play?

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It could be an interesting way to bring Rogue and the X-men into the MCU.

This is gonna light a fire on some books… :wink:


Never heard of this site. Reliable?


Cool. Very interesting then.

Some? Guy only appeared once?

Multiple copies will get popular of that issue tho. You’re both right, according to the laws of grammar!

They really poo pood on Brie Larson for her sequel making it some team movie. So Rogue must be in the movie and drain her powers because no other reason for the current strongest character in the MCU to need help.

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Every MCU movie now is a team movie; a launching pad for new characters.

It’s pathetic we dont get solo adventures anymore, unless it’s a Disney+ show…

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Marvel Boy #1 is probably going to get some heat!

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