Captain Marvel 2 - Movie Rumors

Oh, I don’t argue they do run truth and get stuff right. They just really lean into salacious stuff too. They’re more reliable than the Weekly World News, after all. I do wonder if Bat Boy is doing okay these days, though.

He was Bat Boy decades ago, he would have to be a Bat Man by now unless he ages really slowly.

Now you’ve got me depressed picturing a balding Bat Boy/Man sitting around at a computer in his cave checking if his 401K has matured or not.

Wasn’t he already bald as a boy?

$47 million opening weekend.

Good job Feige. Congratulations.
Now go find your head again and realize that “it was a fun movie” is not good enough and the numbers show it.

Wake up. Maybe if i communicate via a dance for you, youll get it


How has no one tried to make a Bat Boy movie yet? I mean, if Cocaine Bear can do well, surely there’s some real potential here.


I think you’re on to somethin.

People need a break from superheroes. Give them crazy animals or people mashed up with animals.

Cocaine Bear, Pig Man, Bat Boy. The scripts practically write

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I am working on the rights to Bat Boy as we speak. I think it is a great idea.

A bat bitten by a radioactice child?

So sad this never came true.


He’s running again in 2024!

Thank god. Bat Boy and Big Foot can bring sanity this country greatly needs.


all Bigfoot sightings are simply Ozzy creeping around the world.

Pig man… you mean ManBearPig?

Manbearpig will be Secretary of State. Full cryptid ticket for President. Press secretary is going to be la llorana, jersey devil is going to end up with a sweet ambassador gig.

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Hey man, they’re finally openly admitting to glow in the dark jellyfish monkeys after decades of calling such claims BS. You never know. Anything is possible.

Oh, and coincidentally McFarlane Toys announced this figure today, lol.

Can the Chupacabra serve in some capacity? I’ve always assumed it has dual citizenship with the U.S and Mexico.

Chupacabra is ambassador to Mexico.

Half man.

Half bear.

And half pig.

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I was just thinking of that, and how the goat sucker would make a nice pet.

And secret service agents think they have it bad now…