Captain Marvel #8 7/17/19

There is a Captain Marvel 8 Virgin Carnage-ized variant for sale online at Comics Elite and Unknown Comics for $20 each plus $7 shipping or buy two get one free. Do y’all think that cover would pop too like the others? 3 of them would be about $47 total; so $15 each to the front door.

Someone on E-baty right now has one for $21 so unless it jumps more there’s not much sense in trying. There’s no guarantee any of them are going to go up more or stay up. The book itself was most likely ordered more than normal qty. I increased my order for Cover A just trying to get more of the Carnage-ized Trade Dress surprise variants mixed in.

I was walking the puppy in the park just now and remembered as she was running one of those mischievous squirrels back up the evil tree that there’s CAPTAIN MARVEL #8 INHYUK LEE CARNAGE-IZED VAR also I’d ordered another 4 copies of just because it was a Carnage-ized Variant. (it’s kind of like remembering you left $80 in your other pants pocket) I’m pretty sure it still counts as 1st Star person but the question is, will Star person be something that stays around and gets big or will she fade into the herd. Play it safe and don’t gamble what you can’t afford to lose. :deciduous_tree:

Store variants, especially ones with a 3000 print run, rarely do much on the secondary market. They usually take months to sell out from the retailer. Unknown is sketchy to order from too. Highly questionable, imo.

Thanks. I’m going to hope I get an A cover from my LCS. They seem to order low to sell out but hopefully they ordered heavy for more of the blood on the letters titles haha. The extra pages haven’t amounted to much so far…

I’ve never had a problem with unknown comics that wasn’t corrected.

I just ordered TMNT 95 2nd print from them (2 copies) as a matter of fact. I order from them all the time.

I had two bad experiences with them, back to back. Ill never deal with them again.

the carnage cover is getting heat @ 20 on ebay. If you can find it at ur lcs then def grab and flip. I have a feeling this new hero is part of the short term plot, not the long term stay. But im lways wrong so dont listen to me:)

Yeah I see the A, B and 1:25 incentive cover all going crazy on EBay. The Virgin B variant isn’t doing anything though as BJ pointed out

There are alot of Fans out there that collect that only beleive iin " Official" covers.( ones put out by Marvel) so im not entirely suprised that the “Virgin” store variant isnt doing so hot. All the other covers are def money making right now before Wednsday hits. Once that floods onto the market and drys up these will go alittle higher as demand based on speculation drives them up.

I’ve ordered from them 35 times since March of 2018. I e had two orders from them delayed more than I’d say as reasonable. Both times I’ve called them and it was resolved. They’ve always been well packaged…never had an order cancelled.

Always got my books, but since Marvel has had the sh1tty ink quality and color rubbing off of backing boards I got to my lcs unless it’s not an option.

I’m not sure if it’s coincidence, but it seems the issues I’ve heard are from orders outside the us.

They’re not the best at answering emails.

To each their own experiences. I’ve written off TFAW and only go through Midtown when desperate. My staples are Unknown, Golden Apple and Sanctum. I’ve even recently used NYCollectorCave too. I’ve also tried MCS a few times but have mixed reviews.

Wondering what others use. Will start a separate thread.

That sort of happened with Thanos 15 4th print.

Speculation drove value of the trade dress up…then once it was over $20 people flocked to The Unknown Comics virgin variant…and sold out shortly after. I think the virgin cover goes for slightly more, but not that much.

I’d think the same would apply here…virgin shop variant is a high buy in and won’t really sell out until the trade hits that pice.

I prefer trade dresses personally.

I do not shop online anymore. I tried that avenue when I first got back into comics 4 years ago. I was constantly disappointed by all the shops, more or less. And shipping is a ■■■■■ due to high costs and long waits. Im lucky to be in an area that has a ton of shops (approx 25 shops within 1.5 hrs drive, radius). I buy almost exclusively from LCS’ and shows.

Must be nice. Excluding San Antonio… Austin has like 4 shops in probably what I’d say is an hour radius to choose from and two of them are pretty limited when it comes to new books and only 1 of them carries back issues that go beyond 6 months.

Im gonna be honest, i love being my own comic shop. I come here and see what others think might be hot and order on pure speculation. I dont worry about foot traffic or anything like that, i just let Google and Ebay do all the work for me. I do have presales up for all comics but thats just to tide me over until i " hit the big one".

If you ever want to order based on speculation before FOC , hit me up. I will make you a deal :slight_smile:

As a shop owner, let me ask you honestly how often do you get shorted by Diamond? I preorder 2 months out through Previews and my LCS tells me they get shorted on at least one or two books I order per week; which I usually never get. They always have the same excuse about how they are at the mercy of Diamond. For instance, last week, I didn’t get Reaver 1, Bitter Root Red Summer or Naomi 6.

Honestly, in the course of the 6 months since i have been a diamond distributor i have been shorted maybe 5 times. Mind you that i do not carry inventory like Brick and mortor stores do, i only order what i have sold plus items that i think might be hot later on. Sometimes i order more but i usually dont get shorted. Well cept for this week but its rare for me.

Walking Dead #192 my LCS was shorted 44 copies only received 6.

In regards to Captain Marvel #8 it’s being listed as a cameo in a few eBay listings so don’t get fomo’ed out.

incoming photo bomb for ya. check ur inbox :slight_smile:

It is nice. There are quite a few shops in Toronto that I do not visit very often that are a part of that number I mentioned. I live out in the countryside and I have to travel in all different directions to get to the regular shops that I visit. There are a few to the east and west, one or a few nore to the north, and then the mojority are to the south, which is my regular Wednesday travel. Now, most of the shops are somewhat limited in what they get. Not very many, if any, indie books. And the quantities ordered are rarely enough to qualify for ratios, but I can usually get a ratio if I am willing to pay. There is one big big shop that has almost everything, every Wednesday, but his nose is very close to the spec ground, the back issues are a disaster in organiztion, and you wont find many good deals there, on the wall. Everything is overpriced. I have my regular Wednesday routine where I can visit up to 7 shops within a 1.5 hr. round trip.