Captain Marvel #8 7/17/19

Thanks for the feedback. I can totally see why people want to shop online. I’m in a similar situation as agentpoyo. There are 3 total shops within an hour from my house. One doesn’t do special orders for individual books at all but only does subscriptions to series, another doesn’t do any special orders or subscriptions they just buy what they want to sell which is mostly Marvel and DC titles and even if you write down Independent books or 2nd printings or subscriptions they don’t order them for your box. The one I use most allows me to actually turn in the Previews order sheet 2 months out so at least I “think” I’m going to get what I want but usually tells me they got shorted every week anyways. Two out of three of those shops charge at least $1 more than cover for a B cover variant right out the gate and if Key Collector puts out anything it could be way more than cover for any book on right away on NCBD. Two out of three do not bag and board also.

Please photo bomb me too, purty please.

It’s a first full

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Im truely sorry to hear that. Rest assured not all Brick and Mortars are like that. There are good ones out there … just apparently not where you live. It sucks that they gouge you like that.

i have 2 different methodologys when it comes to selling comics. My online store and My ebay.

My online store usually goes like this for standard orders :
Initial orders - 35% discount
Orders after that - 25 % discount
FOC orders - 15%
day of release - no discount

Ebay is 25% until FOC
10% after FOC

If a comic is hot, i dont mark it up on my store for awhile. I tend to see if i can " reorder" from the distributor and then i put those ones on ebay at a marked up value.

After watching TFW and midtown i have done what they generally do. there method works so to compete i do the same. I generally have mine up for longer though.

** Lifts beer to salute a 1st App.** Cheers !

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Time for a new LCS.

I can get you all those books…still available at my Lcs. Let me know if you need assistance.

I know i been drinking but shit i read that line and immediately thought about the movie " Young Guns" when he says " Im your Huckleberry"

I get typically 300 to 500 books a week in from Diamond and almost never get shorted anything. Big week’s with a qty variant purchase splurge may be quite a bit more coming in. When they put that fancy new equipment in to pull orders missing comics dropped substantially. I’m more likely to be missing a pop figure or toy. I typically get 3 to 5 damaged comics each week bad enough to report. My last missing comics were 2 issues June 4th and both were back issue clearance items which are packed and handled differently. In that order I also got two extra Avenger comics I didn’t order. May 28th 2 comic missing (clearance back issues again), one extra sent, 1 pop missing, one extra sent. That was a bad week with 7 damaged comics also. The week before that 4 comics missing but 4 I didn’t order shipped. May 16th was probably the biggest one of the year. 40 DCeased A covers missing, 14 B Covers extra sent.

A bigger problem is opened cases. Someone opens a cases of games or such so when you order a case, you get a single shipped. Once that starts the system seems to never get corrected. You get in a cycle of every two weeks you get a refund and one game shipped again, repeat, repeat until they run out. Other times the item ordered isn’t what ships and never will be since they’re all incorrect like those big Suicide Harley Metals. Sending down a Bin Check request usually accomplishes nothing.

Now about 5 years ago, the entire order was missing. That was a disaster/mess.

Wait a minute? A shop who uses CHU to make money? We’re gonna start invoicing you shops, our services are only for the speculators without diamond accounts… :stuck_out_tongue:

I kid, I kid… but no seriously, expect a bill soon! :wink:

Will this be paper or by email?

You def must be drinking lol…The movie that quote is from is the legendary “Tombstone”!!!
(just ribbing you for fun–that Corona looks good too!)

I offer my services as a diamond account to you speculators at my cost plus a small percentage. I thought it was a fair trade :innocent:

Hey at least you knew the movie reference !! I loved that movie with Kurt Russell and everyone else who I don’t remember.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen tombstone.

What else can we talk about to further detail the OP subject matter? :wink:

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Buy this book, don’t wait? As Poyo says, buy cheap and flip high

It’s a new character, not sure of her staying power, but it is without a doubt her first app. Once local shops are out this will only get crazier for a short time.

PS - potential spec with immortal hulk this week as well.

Very cool of you to do! I love this community.

I’m very fortunate! I’ve built a wonderful reputation with my local LCS. I have a few in the area, but this is the one I’m happy to give my money to. A few others around me do things like: 1. Never price books and then look them up on ebay when I bring them up. 2. Never order anything outside of peoples list and if they do order extra of anything, the moment it appears to be hot, they don’t put it out to begin with.

I spend far too much time reading and listening to info about spec/books/etc (Nowhere as good as Alana, but I consider myself pretty good). I share this info with my shop as they are very busy people and although it is their business, they simply have other fish to fry. They appreciate my tips and suggestions and in return look out for me. If they have customers looking for a certain book that will make the customer happy, and I can assist/find it in my own collection to give to them…I do so.

The news broke of this Captain Marvel #8 last Friday essentially and I let them know asap/confirmed images of the full appearance were around yesterday afternoon. They in return will ensure I have a copy of whatever cover I like.

Mike C…I just may take you up on your offer sometime!!!

You offering up posters and raffles works as payment as well! :slight_smile:

I do that because I enjoy the community here, I don’t consider that payment. The more we all work together the more people come to enjoy it as well.

Now you buying the first round of beers @ NYCC … that’s payment :wink:

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Umm… now I’m confused, Anthony and I were expecting all who show up to buy beers for us, you know, for all the hard work we do! :wink:

Working on it, BRB. :chipmunk: