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Show some CBCS love!

Meant for “new” acquisitions, but show what you love in CBCS!

I’ll start things off with two of my favorites. Paid less than $80 for these each not too long ago. Just an example that there are deals to be had in CBCS cases!


I like CBCS. Most of my graded books are CGC but I don’t have a problem with CBCS. I’ll post some of them in the next couple of days.

Here are a few of my CBCS books. I’ll post a few more in the coming days.


I don’t have many by CBCS…here are a few. I’m a big fan of Angel Medina & they were the only company at a small con I went to with him. He’s a great guy. The Avengers just happened to be a great deal back before it skyrocketed.

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I also own mostly CGC but I have no issues with CBCS. I’ve heard others say they’re tougher on grading and more accurate. I also like that they’ll verify signatures. I now own two CBCS books. Witchblade #10 9.0 that I’ve had for awhile and the Avengers Annual #16 9.4 was actually one of the first books I bought myself.

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Picked this up from a store based in NJ that specializes in dealing comic book art (Anthony’s Comics). The story behind this book is that the owner bought an unopened box of comics from a surviving family member of Milton Schiffman who was the VP of Publishing for Marvel. The box contained books that were first off the press copies sent to him by World Color Press Inc…

He worked out with CBCS that the sealed box from the printer addressed to Schiffman was to be opened by a presser, also a witness registered with cbcs, who sorted the contents and sent them directly to CBCS. That is how he was able to work out with CBCS the note on the slab saying "Milton Schiffman File Copy.”

So although never making it to the drawer of Sciffman, a little bit of interesting travel, history and ownership for a book I had on my list to acquire (paid less than what CGC 9.4s go for too!)

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What damage can you notice on that book, @D-Rog, that would make it a 9.4?

There are three to four minor spine ticks that break color that are visible to the eye. Those are in the graders notes as well. Maybe a little ink that transferred from the books it was sandwiched with for years (not captured in the notes). For a book that sat in a sealed cardboard box with other comics unprotected for presumably 36 years it’s held up pretty well.

See, I would think that a book straight off the press and boxed up would be in better condition. I’m not trying to dig at the book, but, the story associated with it, and the corresponding grade don’t quite match up in my head. I would be a bit skeptical, I think. I love the Thor 337 book though. Great character, great cover, great book.

I wouldn’t assume that. No telling how it was packaged, moved around, stored, etc… it’s not like the distributor puts them all in mylars with full backs stood upright with dividers for support.

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Well, it being from the printers, I would expect a decent packing job. Similar to how Diamond packs their boxes for transport via USPS to all over the country and Canada every week. Those books are not in mylars standing on end and they arrive every week to thousands of stores in much better shape, for the most part, than the Schiffman boxs contents. That is a straw man argument. Comics do not need to be shipped or stored upright in mylars in order to be saved from damage. Several colour breaking tics is not something that should be easily aquired if the box is full of comics, unless it’s on the very top or bottom, which that copy very well could have been. And it was stored by a family member of Schiffmans, who knew exactly what they were storing as 1; they sold the box, and 2; they sold it unopened. No matter though, mine is a moot opinion per this subject. Still a beautiful, unique copy.

And again, DRog, I’m not trying to shit on your book. I’m just playing a lil devil’s advocate here. I’m a big BRB fan, and I love that book. :+1:


No harm done. I can understand the skepticism. Nothing wrong with honest questions.

I asked a lot of questions of the seller, as well as researched the shop and their reputation. I trust that CBCS did their research as their reputation is on the line and they have very high standards. In the end I paid up to $40 less for this book than what CGC 9.4s go for. So worst case i got a good deal on an unmarked book that has been in the rise and I’ve been wanting for a time, I don’t think the file copy adds any value, but just provides and interesting story. So weighing all that it was a no brainer for me.

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I started off with CBCS. I sold one these are my last 2 CBCS slabs.

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@D-Rog… what do you think of this? A guy posted these pics in another group I participate in. He said he was cracking this to re sub, and when all was said and done, that he was able to open the CBCS slab, remove the book, and then was able to reassemble the slab, with very little evidence of tampering. He went on to say that this was not his initial intention, and if he used different tools to crack the slab then he feels he could open and close the cbcs slab with little to no evidence. :thinking:



I actually have a feeling this is done all too often with some slabs. There are some clever people out there who are willing to likely swap out books with problems to con buyers.

Another comment in that OP stated that CBCS plans on introducing a new case this coming spring. For what that’s worth.

Hmmm… I’ll have to check that out. I’m going to crack one of my CBCS Shazam #28 that I submitted a couple years ago before I started pressing. I think it has a chance to press to a 9.4 or maybe a 9.6 (if I re-submit to CGC). I’ll have to see if I can remove it the same way, with little to no visible damage. Glad to hear CBCS is looking to introduce a new case if it combats this.

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That’s an older slab, possibly 3-4 years ago. The newer slabs have a strip across the label part of the inner well, which prevents removal of the comic/label without obvious damage to the seal.

It doesn’t make the encasement tamper proof, but it does make it so the comic cannot be separated from the label without obvious damage to the label such that you can’t swap out a lower grade comic with the same label.

It’s called “tamper evident.”

But yes, BOTH CGC and cbcs OLDER cases can be carefully pried open and the labels swapped out without much evidence of tampering.

I’ll find the article and post.


The label on the far right is the one with the tamper evident seal. Can’t swap labels without destroying the seal, my understanding.


These are just examples of older labels which don’t have the tamper evident seal.

Can’t get into cbcs forums…seems like it’s down for maintenance. But I believe there’s an article there that explains the most recent security measures with today’s encapsulation.

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