CBCS Pickups


Yeah CBCS forums down according to the guys over at the cgc forums.


I looked over at the cgc forums…didn’t think posters were even “allowed” to mention cbcs by name. Still, I struggle navigating that forum and wasn’t able to find any conversation about it…


Yeah in the Blocked EBay thread they were talking about it. Funny because they never ever say it by name. It’s always Voldemort or He Who Should Not Be Named. I actually do believe it’s a rule.


That’s just dumb… Imagine if we told everyone here you’re not allowed to say BleedingCool…


From the CBCS forums FAQ Thread What is to stop someone from switching out labels on a CBCS slab?:

In September, 2017, CBCS announced that they will be placing a heat seal through the CBCS logo on the label. If anyone attempts to remove a label, the logo will be ripped.

Basically, it was possible to open the case, swap out the label of a higher grade book (as the label wasn’t sealed in like the comic was), then put it back in the slab. Now the label cannot be removed without damaging it. Also to separate the comic from the plastic it would require quite a large incision which should be obvious from outside the slab.

That’s my understanding of the temper evident CBCS case.

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