CGC calling FCBD first full Virus

This is very surprising to me. But it looks as though CGC is going to call the FCBD Spiderman first full Virus even though Venom 26 came out first. The FCBD was originally planned to come out first, but was delayed due to Covid.

Screen shots borrowed from a FB group.

Did virus not appear in 25???

Hell yea ! I have an unopened case pack of the FCBD Spider-man Venom books.

Yes Virus cameo’d in 25.

So CGC is wrong in both accounts.

It looks like it.

I also don’t see what “intended” release date has to do with actual release date.

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I think it’s rather humerous that Covid has been immortalized in the comic world with that name drop on the label.
In the reality of things, intentions are meaningless. It should not matter what was intended, all that matters is what is. And what is is, is the fact that Venom 26 was released at comic stores on the same day as Spidey FCBD 2020, I believe.

I can confirm that Venom 26 was released the same day as Venom 26.


I have amended my idiocy. :beers:

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Is this even legit? It just seems very wordy for cgc labeling standards to explain a first appearance of a character that hasn’t proven anything.

It was a long time before teen titans 12 was recognized by cgc or cbcs, for example. At least a year, I believe. The grading companies usually don’t react that quickly to new characters.

Update: after checking eBay it is across multiple listings and covers…but not all listings and covers.

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Now I want to see what the CGC label on FCBD Spiderman/Venom 2020 says.

The words they are using are essentially saying ‘1st in continuity’. That is a damn slippery slope, indeed.

Like secret wars 8 vs. ASM 252.

SW8 will always be 2nd fiddle…if not lower.

I think it makes sense to label it that way. 26 doesn’t make sense in some parts due to the FCBD issue. I would imagine this is why they did it.

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Grading companies grade books… I dont see them as any type of final authority of appearances, etc.

Buy the comic, not the slab. It can say whatever on the label… Its just a description on a label if you ask me.

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I would agree. It’s like the writer trying to tell nerd nation what a first cameo appearance and first full appearance is…and totally ignoring a book issued in between that’s clearly a full appearance.

Are they the final authority? No. But can CGC making an “official” determination sway a market? Yes.

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That’s what the second image says

Venom 26 came out 7/15, the FCBD was 7/22. That’s why this surprises me.

But FCBD was supposed to be released on May 2nd.

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