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I submitted an X-men giant size #1 for grading to CGC in Sept and received the book back with a 1 inch crease on the right corner which was not there when I 1st submitted the book. CGC stated it was a mechanical error and they would press out and reslab. I send the book back and get the book back a month later and the reslabbed book has an even larger crease than 1st mechanical error. see pics of the original book, 1st and 2nd slab. the latest damaged looks like it now breaks color on the corner. Has this happened to anybody and what should I

20200921_213224 (1) do?

That GS X-men is notorious for slab problems. I’m not sure if it’s just the CGC slabs or all of them…but I’ve only heard issues with CGC.

You’d think they would have correct this or be aware if it by now and not use this tight case for that giant book.

That’s bad. They need to fix it (again) and possibly replace the book for you with a comparable copy.

I never heard of CGC replacing books. Do they have an inventory of books?

That is absolutely brutal. I’d talk to a lawyer. CGC owes you something… money, or a replacement book, or something.

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Sorry about your book that sucks

IDK man but you need to contact them and keep on their asses until this is fixed properly

That’s crappy & I’d stay in contact with them until it’s resolved. Just one question. Is the first pic before it was sent in to them? I ask because if so there’s already a color breaking crease in that area where they caused even more damage.

The first pick is the original book unslabbed. There may be a tiny nick in the right corner but not a 2 inch crease which is there now.

The crease in the center of the book was always there.

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That’s not good or right. CGC should have not even sent the book back to you hoping you would not notice. They should have reached out right away to let you know the issues. Being a good business means accepting accountability if anything happens. Out if sight, out of mind doesn’t fix the problem.

Just curious, what grade were you expecting before you first sent it in. What grade did it get the first time and what grade did they give it after the second time?

I hope you get everything fixed to where it is acceptable.

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I was hoping for a CGC 7.0 but it came back 6.5 both times.

I had a what if venom possessed Deadpool book that was graded 9.8 but had a mechanical error. I sent it back they pressed it and regraded it to a 9.6. They also gave me $150 in credit for the difference in value. I did have a buddy who’s book got lost and cgc bought him another one.

I bet if you break it out, resubmit it, has a good chance to come back a 9.8 again. :wink:

I already traded it away for some killer books. Always trading up!

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Trading on up! To the east side!

Man, I’m old, and if anyone gets that joke they’re old too.


I’m so old I remember before they moved on up their neighbor was some old, cranky guy named Archie.

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I finally resolved the issue with the X-men giant size #1. it was reslabbed for a 3rd time by CGC and the damage due to encapsulation could not be fixed see pics. They gave me a credit for the permanent damage to the book. very disappointing given this was one of my holy grail books and the book. I wonder how often this happens?

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Crap! Had “good times” and the jeffersons jumbled up there!

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