CGC Man handling books

I recently sent in a submission of asm 55s. These books were all perfect. I sent in 5 I get 1 9.8 2 9.6 which is reasonable but then I get a 9.2 and an 8.5. Normally I wouldn’t even complain but I had a buddy that sent in a submission and his siktc 1 returned with a gash across the front that I know wasn’t there when we sent them in. Just wanted to put that out there that now isn’t really a good time to submit.


It seems like CGC started to go downhill about 2 years ago, but things have gotten worse. The grades are inconsistent and they damage books. That’s why I won’t ever use them. I bet if you had a Youtube channel with tens of thousands of followers, then you’d get better grades and better treatment.


Did you go through all the pages on those ASM 55’s there are some bad color rub issues that have been happening on the inside covers that count against grading.

I also don’t mean for this to be directed at you specifically @Comicpro but it’s funny to see people complaining they aren’t getting high enough grades on their books now.


I also have 5 of that book submitted for grading that I thought were perfect so I’ll be interested to see how they come back. It won’t be for months though.

I had a bunch of these and went through them with due diligence. I’m not saying they aren’t grading them correctly I’m saying they must not be handling them in the right manner.

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I’m not bashing cgc in any way. I’m just sayin I’d consider waiting until they get things back under control before sending anything crazy valuable in. I have a different invoice over there that did ok.


I had a bad experience with CGC, so I sent my next batch of books to CBCS. I’m a convert. They’re a bit less expensive than CGC.

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Very interesting, maybe you could share the graders notes too, especially for the lower grades. Did they occur on defects there were not there before or altogether non-existent?

Graders note just says light tears to cover. I’ll have to see the book in person when it gets here to see what they mean.

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Luckily I’ve not had an issue with my submission or know of anyone with issues, we have to send ours in batches through our LCS and it’s like a mini meetup then they arrive back to see what grades everyone got and admire the awesome books. After a 15000+mile journey they seem to do well.

I’ve had a couple of issues. My ASM #800 1:200 came back as a 9.6, but with a crushed corner that definitely wasn’t there when I sent it in. More worrying was that the book was also able to slide around in the slab. To be fair CGC made it right with me in a very customer-centric way.

My Venom #3 Knull cover also came back with damage at a much later point in time. My problem is that when I sent books to the US via an LCS that isn’t very local, it ends up going on four postal journeys before coming back to me. I can never really be sure when/where the damage occurred.

My last batch of 10 all came back at 9.8 and in perfect nick, so was pretty pleased with that!

My biggest complaint with cgc is the Newton rings and the case has a slight “tint” to it…my cbcs cases are crystal clear and for the PC that’s what I really want after an accurate grade.

I haven’t had any damages sending to cgc…also I feel cbcs grades a little tighter.

I will say don’t ever send a giant sized x-men #1 into cgc…they have a history of butchering that book upon encapsulation.


Cgc for resale. Cbcs for pc and grading accuracy.

I had a first Phoenix signed by cockburn cgc 8.0. Facilitator had a Claremont signing and they were cbcs authorized. Decided to send it in, and it came back as a 6.0! Notes said foxing on the back cover. And sure enough it was so obvious. I still wonder to this day how cgc graded it at an 8.0 with all the foxing


CGC the new Diamond? I could see people going to CBCS for grading if CGC keeps up their shenanigans. Is CBCS the next Random Penguin House? LOL

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I’ve got some books I’m giving CBCS for grading at a convention here in a few weeks. It may take forever to get my books back, but I trust them more.
CGC as of recent is too sloppy for me. I think they fixed the Newton Ring issue but they created other issues with the slabs. I’ve seen enough to deter me from using them again.

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I have a lot of time for CBCS. The slabs are great. If the persistent ‘presentation’ of CGC as 10-20% higher resales ever faded away, there is not a clear-cut qualitative difference to speak either way. Both have their pros and cons and I couldn’t really care less that I have books from both companies in my collection.

Has any site or organisation undertaken a thorough analysis of recent sales to see if the stated resale differences remain true?

This CGC argument seems all over the place. I see complaints about CGC overgrading and I see complaints about CGC under grading. Mostly I see second hand stories about hairs in cases or crumbs in cases as if that’s happening all the time. I like to hear actual things from people who have experienced it, not the third party version.

@Comicpro and @ToddW have posted some real experiences with them so I will post mine. In 108 books I have had 2 issues. 1 book that I mislabeled as a second print that was actually a first print and a case that didn’t get sealed properly. I did nothing about the mislabel because it wasn’t an expensive book. The unsealed case I emailed them about and they sent me a next day air shipping label to send back and get it fixed.

Ive had no newton rings or any other issues and the customer service on the one issue I had was top notch. I have 46 more books they haven’t even received in their system yet with them waiting to be graded.


My last receipt from CGC: 10 comics (all modern).
8 were appropriately graded in my opinion (matched what I thought they should be)
Of the remaining 2, 1 had a corner crease that breaks color - still got a 9.8
The other 1 has 3 spine tics - still got a 9.8

I honestly don’t think they’re even bothering to look at moderns anymore. I’m quite happy when I get 9.8s for books that are clearly not 9.8. Afterall, it is what it says it is :roll_eyes:

@Bill you got some pictures of those books?