CGC Page Quality Consideration - Shazam 1 CGC

Hello Team,

I’m reaching out once more to ask the team if page quality matters for a CGC book (Slabs).
Currently I’m debating if a Shazam 1 cgc 8.5 Off white can be held to other sold price of Shazam 1 cgc 8.5 OffWhite/White or White pages.

After researching around it seems like AVG Sold price for this book is $100. Would you buy this for $90 (Trying to see if the person can do $80).

If anyone has GPA data for this book, please do share, (Thanks in advance)

Please advise.

Thank you.

The only time page quality matters is usually for people who think they can crack the slab, press it, and get a better grade. That being said, since you can get a 9.6 with off-white pages if everything else is near perfect, an 8.5 with off-white pages should be of equal value to one with off-white/white pages.

Gocollect has the price for an 8.5 at about $100, but your best bet is usually to look at sold listing on ebay and see what the recent trends are.


Thank you for your feedback, current market is at $100 eBay sold price (According to Gocollect as well). Would you drop $90 for this book base on movie potential as recently Shazam is scheduled for a second movie and the 1st one was well received.

which shazam 1 is this?

I disagree with the above. Page quality definitely matters to many collectors. It’s why they list it on the label. It speaks to the condition/degradation of the paper.

A 9.4 white pages will most often go for a premium over a 9.4 off-white when looking at Bronze/Silver age books. You can notice this trend in sales.

10/10 times I’d take white pages over off-white.

Personally I don’t usually go below off-white/white. It’s likely why the off-white is still sitting there.

Shazam 1 is not a rare book. When going down to a 8.5, and looking at off-white pages, you’d likely be much better off buying raw in that grade. Save yourself some money.

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Shazam #1 from the Bronze age. I think its around 1972. 1st app of Shazam #1 since Golden Age.

My thinking is more inline with you. Just wanted a second opinion. I was hoping I was wrong … As for me sometimes I would buy a 8.0 White over 8.5 OFF White due to the page quality and with a 8.0 White I think its harder to come by when we are talking about Silver/Bronze age.

I agree.

8.0 white Vs 8.5 off white/white is a tough call

But I would go 8.0 white over 8.5 off-white with Bronze Age.