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I submitted 8 comics at Awesome Con on April 27th, on June 4 I got 5 back. I’m getting 2 pressed and the Marvel Spotlight #5 fell into another category.
So here are the 5 I got back…

Maybe we can keep this thread going with you guys posting pics of some slabs. The Star Wars #1 is a 6th print with a double cover, and I had the Eternals #1 between a 7.0 or 8.0.


I’ve got a group of nine bronze age books (mostly Eternals) that just got mailed out from CGC. I should have them by mid week. I’ll be more than happy to post some pics!


Nice books! Always get the warm and fuzzy when you get the 9.8s that you wanted!


This arrived in the mail for me this week. Paid $32 shipped. Strictly PC. Aphra and her droids are favs of mine.


I have the 1:25 variant of that issue that I’m thinking about getting graded.


Im in the market for that 1:25. There is a copy at a LCS of mine, but it is only a 9.2-9.4. Im trying to secure a better copy. My 1st print cover As just arrived home from pressing and are going off to CGC this week or next.


I think I have 3 x Regular of Darth Vader #3. 1 x CGC 9.8 of Darth Vader #3 and 2 x 1:25 Variant Darth Vader #3.

You can say I prepared thyself with Doctor Aphra’s first appearance. I’m holding these until she makes her way into a movie or Star Wars show, because it’s killer she made her appearance in the comics before anything else. If it was the other way, these wouldn’t be as special I think.

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I too have a 9.8 Darth Vader 3 A and have been looking for a reasonable 1:25 for awhile now.

I have a few copies of Tie Fighter 1 1:25 which, if I recall correctly, is a first appearance and first cover appearance of a new Star Wars character. (I think it was one of agentpoyos’ articles that give me the heads up.). Nice white cover. I don’t know if that makes it harder to grade. I hear so much about the difficulty of black covers. I think I have at least one cgc worthy copy.

I am trying to put together a package of 6-8 comics for grading. Right now I’m thinking about sending a Pearl 1A; and Old Guard B&W 25th Anni. Blind box; Die 1A; Thor 617 Tron; VWars 1; All new Captain American 1 1:25 (thinking about getting the CGC cap label); and the aforementioned 1:25 Tie Fighter. I’m also considering sending off a Postal 1 1:50. For better or worse, this package is influenced by streaming services looking for content. (Postal is just a huge guess on my part and my amateurish attempt at reading the tea leaves. There are no official announcements, no rumors and no rumors of rumors.)

I just sent out my first CCS/CGC pressing/grading package that has a really low grade X-men 94 but it still has its cover and staples intact so I think it will be at least a 2.0 but since its for the PC, I’d be happy with a 0.5. With the prices the way they’re going, I’ve given up hope getting a higher grade. Along with that, I sent an Umbrella Academy 1 1:10 and a A1: The Weirding Willows (Art Germ cover). Both of those issues are around a 9.4-9.6 and I’m hoping that pressing will give it a magical bump to a 9.8.

I’m pretty nervous with this pressing package so I sent it separately instead of including it with the other package I’m currently putting together. I don’t know if that was wise given I’m paying 2x the shipping.

CHU community, what is your practice? Separate a pressing package from a regular package? Send packages in groups of 6 or more or 5 and less? (8 is the most I can confidently pad and pack in USPS Medium Priority Box.)

Also, getting your special keys graded, do you save them for an in-person convention submission or do you mail it in (or do you go to an authorize CGC submission shop)? I have a low grade FF 49 I’d like graded but am afraid to mail it.


I sent in 8 comics to cgc a few months ago…3 of which are being pressed. So I have no concerns. The 5 others I sent fast pass and already have them back. But it took longer for cgc to enter the comics in their system than waiting to grade them.

So maybe breaking them up speeds up the entry process as it is simpler for them? Or they just had a busy week with cons? Don’t know.

But that might be the only reason to send boxes separately if you have a complicated order and TAT is of the essence to you.

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Got my last batch of CGC books today…AFTER my postman attempted to deliver to the wrong address. Glad no one was home to sign for them at that house!..Then the post office couldn’t find it…but eventually did. Next time I am using FedEx. USPS is just too iffy with anything high dollar. Anyway, I am pleased with the books!


That Eternals movie is going to make us all rich :money_mouth_face:

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I’m hoping to be a hundredaire…


I hope so! I am still amazed just how cheap these were a little over a year ago! Still have a bunch more copies of #1, #2 & #3 to send in. Most higher grade but doubtful there are anymore 9.6 or 9.8 candidates. Maybe a few 9.4s and a few more 9.2s after a press. We’ll see.


Those are nice. I always use FedEx for my graded comics.


bought last night, been feeling like the opportunity to buy a 9.8 for decent price might be closing.


Good purchase! just a matter of time before they do something big with Batman Beyond. Too much of a fan base for them not to!


Hey Fozzie. All the books I showed here were pressed.They were nice before I sent them in, but wow, the pressing did wonders! The Shazam! #28 was purchased as a VF+/VF-NM. Had a bunch of “pressible defects” that didn’t break color and CCS did a great job on it! Bumped it up all the way to a 9.6! Every one of them graded higher than I expected with the exception of the 9.2 Eternals #3. Thought that had a chance at a 9.4. What can ya do. No complaints.

I too dont’t like mailing my books. I usually wait for conventions where CGC accepts submissions. I am in Southern CA so there are a few each year. Makes it easier at least with my piece of mind.


Yo Rob,

Wow! Jumping from an 8.X-ish to a 9.6! I’m hoping for the same luck with my X-Men 94. I wish I took pics before I sent it so I can use it as a point of reference for future pressings. I’m working on recognizing grades and pressable defects.

I live in NoCal and well…since you guys took our WonderCon, I got nothing local. CGC also stopped going to the Silicon Valley Comic Con. I’d submit to CGC certified shops but I’ve read one to many horror stories. I just found out that (too late for this year) that CGC goes to the Las Vegas con. If I can promise myself to spend money at the con instead of lose it at the tables, I might give it a go next year.

Your Eternals haul there is awesome. Would you submit lower grade older keys or do you stick to the 9.Xs rule that may follow for more modern books? What is your slabbing strategy?


I have a friend up in San Jose and I would head up there every year for a while to visit and go to Wondercon. Still think it was more fun up your way!

For my pc I will submit lower grade keys as well as higher grade. I am trying to get more of my keys graded, not just because they look good slabbed but for insurance reasons as well. I live in fire country and twice over the past ten years houses and apartments have burnt down just blocks from where I live. Last time I was still putting pets, photos and comics in the car while trees around all the house were on fire. If there ever comes a time where I cant get to my collection safely, I at least want all the good stuff categorized and properly insured.

For selling, of course the higher the grade the more the book will sell for but I will still get lower grade books certified to sell if there is demand for it and I was able to get in on the action early enough! Money is money no matter the grade! That’s a big key right there. Getting to a hot book before most others know about it! For the Eternals I had a gut feeling and started buying them probably a year and a half or longer before any rumors were printed. There isn’t a book that I submitted above that I paid over thirty dollars for and half were under ten. Pressing, grading and shipping probably cost more than the initial investment.

Just keep looking at all the rumors (reading CHU) as well as the clues and Easter eggs that may show whats to come and buy what won’t hurt the bank account too much! Biggest rule, before anything else, have fun with it! If it isn’t fun that means its work. No hobby should be work!

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My first silver age purchase/key. Arrived today.

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