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Nice!..and a pretty big key it is! Also, a nice looking 5.0! Now that you’ve gotten your first sliver key out of the way, you will want more! Any ideas as to which one that will be?




I waited quite a while for the right 4.0-6.0 to come along…a lot of 5.0s have significant creases across the cover, good size chips or chunks missing or foxing, rusty staples. I’d prefer off-white to white,p ( ice cream). It this one showed up for a good price, haggled home down a little more, then got 13% eBay bucks out of it as well. And the book keeps showing up on hot lists for silver age as a mover so felt I had to act soon. But I feel to a very presentable/attractive 5.0.

As for my next target…It’s tough to say. Always wanted an ASM #14…but I think I’d have to sell off most of my collection to acquire a decent copy (at least a 3.0). So that’s a long term goal. Might target some early fantastic four ASM or Hulk classic covers that aren’t too expensive in 6.0 - 9.0 grade.

I’m a silver admirer, although bronze is what grew up in. And more affordable in mid-higher grade on average. Batman 232 may be a possibility…to pair with my 227 and 251. GI Joe #1 & Star Wars #1 are also on my want list.

It in any rush for these…my funds are depleted at the moment too…:grin:


That’s real nice!


Hahahaah… its true


Tough act to follow after the FF49, but, here we go anyways. This arrived for me today. Strictly PC. Paid $95 US/Shipped.


Very nice…

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Nice! Will be a big time key if they keep growing the character! The 1:25 will be the clear winner!

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Waiting to get my recent SS submissions back from the Al Ewing Signing at midtown comics! Sent in Immortal Hulk #13 3rd Print (Love that cover. Will be hard to find good copies later.) and of course the Immortal Hulk #2 1:25 variant. Lets hope my 9.8 streak keeps on going! Should I be correct, as of now with both those issues, I’d be the only one on CGC census to have them…:smiley:



Awesome! One of the Hulk keys I still need to get.


My submission just went into Grading/Quality Control… always fun when a book is listed as Qualified and you can’t think of why…


The green label of death. Graders notes don’t give a clue?

What book was it? Is it old enough you,may have overlooked a missing page?


The worst is when you get qualified because cgc won’t verify a signature.

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given cgc doesn’t offer signature verification as a service, that problem would be entirely on the person who submitted it.

Although older books in less than mid grade may not get a qualified grade if the signature isn’t considered a grade hit.

The worst is where a 4.5 book gets a qualified grade for a signature when accounting for writing on the cover Is a 4.0 grade…

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I have a 8.5 qualified 1st Defenders because it has an interior signature on the title page bought like that for cheap thinking if I re submit to PGX one day because they will verify the signature. It will come back a 9.0 SS


It’s a Spawn 1 Newsstand. I honestly didn’t open it up or I may have missed a signature :joy: . Didn’t think I’d need to count pages on a modern and if it’s signed then oh well…


I’ll see when the notes are uploaded. Honestly I’d rather have a green label over a CBCS red label…


I bet you it’s missing the pull-out poster…


:roll_eyes: Well shit…

Qualified it is.

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