CGC pickups

Really saved the best for last in that post! Awesome books!

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I like Creeper too.

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Creeper is a character I can see Gunn taking a look at.

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Lol absolutely, really excited about those 2… did you notice the white pages on the Batman?!

Great character, the only one the Joker is afraid of apparently?

That’s what I’m thinking!

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I’d watch a Creeper movie.

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Ok I’ll put this up here, I don’t have it yet but we have agreed upon a trade. So hopefully will have my end shipped out by the end of the week. It’s with a store and costing me 25 books including Doom, Strange, Antman, Goblin, Hal Jordan, brave and the bold #28

So finally and I have about 20 books to replace which will give me something to buy the next year. I’ll probably replace Antman and Strange first. But last of my grails achieved once it’s in my hands.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


2.5. Eh that’s garbage. 9.8 or nothing.

Kidding of course congrats.


Well, that’s pretty darn cool.

No…you’ll be chasing a higher grade soon enough.


Congratz!! It’s always exciting when a grail is finally reeled to someones PC.

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Wow congrats!!!

He tried to bait and switch to a 2.5 “conserved” copy which I replied I don’t want your restored book. Oh well wasn’t meant to be. Also shame on CGC for giving a book with 3 married wraps and detected cleaning a conserved grade, I have an older than AF#15 book with one married wrap and it has a purple label.


Sorry @Alana I know that must be disappointing. I don’t blame you…I def would not want that either. Not very appropriate to try to pull a bait and switch like that either. Awful big difference.


Wait, they showed/promised you one book (pictured) then sent you another?

I’m not following how this all went down. I hope you didn’t send out you dozens of books, putting them at risk.

That sucks. Shame on that other person.

Hopefully the silver lining will be you scooping as good or better of a copy somewhere down the line.

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We were trading for the regular 2.5 I clearly stated I didn’t want the conserved 2.5. I send him my offer he likes the books as it was about $34000 worth of books based on their most recent sale in that grade. Says we can make a deal and then a day later offers the conserved which I wouldn’t even value at half that. Who wants to trade a Tesla worth of silver age keys for a restored book.:joy:


What a giant douchebag. Make sure you let him know you’d never do business with him again.

You can get a 2.5 for $22k on eBay. Assuming they are legit.

So yeah…f that.

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Has anyone had any success, cracking 9.6 books to be regraded by CGC. I have a bunch of high end books which look perfect however got a 9.6 and there are no grader notes.

is it worth the extra cost?