CGC Raising Prices!

Bad call right now…imo anyway.

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$15 for fast track for grading and pressing, wasn’t it $7 or $8 prior? That’s a hell of a increase!

It was $10.

Ah ok, 50% increase…still a lot!

Yeah the normal modern price only raised $2 but they also raised the max value submission from $200 to $400 which is nice.

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CGC Announces Updates to Membership Tiers, Services and Fees | CGC (

I merged your post to this one, seems like you both posted almost at the same time. :wink:

So as a business, they are seeing a spike when they get a lot of ‘expedited’ requests, which is screwing their business model up. Through pricing they are looking to bring the spikes down to gradual curves, and hopefully get a manageable process under control. It will make people upset, but people who were fast tracking for the hell of it will now think twice about it most likely.

I would be ok if fast track went away completely honestly. I hate my normal submissions take longer due to all the fast tracks coming in.


Yeah, I agree completely. Not knowing when your books are coming back screws up a lot of things…cash flow being one of them…


I guess the thing about CGC that irritates me (and again, I’ve always utilized them just as a habit versus any dislike of CBCS)…

I’m tired of seeing their constant blitz of signings, promotions, media type events involving staff, etc all the while sending out correspondence regarding apologies for being behind, swamped, etc.

Take care of your customers, take care of the business at hand and the problems you are apologizing for, prior to drumming up even more business. It irritates me and I’ll likely start giving CBCS my business now. My presser deals with both so it really is an very easy switch.


Yeah every one of their signing books gets automatic fast tracking, so I agree I don’t like that either.

Already costs me $50 to submit so you guys are getting closer to my fees :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha

Seems logical to me, expansion costs money and that money needs to come from services so as long as they use it to increase growth and productivity it’s a win win situation. Not like the price has gone up that much and the change to max value sub may even save money down the line. Anything over $200 kills my submission fees.


Their grading has gone downhill their wait times are + 6 months and now they increase prices. Get less pay more the new motto for American businesses.


All (well, 99.9% of them) my books are RAW. My comics are superior to all slabbed books cause I can smell them… :stuck_out_tongue:


(Soon to be) Old pricing:

New pricing:

Isn’t that the point of increasing the fees though so they can expand and increase productivity?

That won’t happen overnight and will take some time but it’s a step in the right direction provided it goes that way. This hobby has seen a massive surge in newcomers to the hobby, everyday it seems like a new video pops up on youtube of some new guy submitting 50 SIKTC or Star Wars books after just getting back another batch of 50.

Either increase fees to help growth expansion or shut down any new submissions until they catch up either way negativity will ensue.

Sorry if dumb question.
No more fast tracking for books? I don’t see it on this new pricing.

no more modern prescreening, RIP cgc

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Prescreen is the same as before.

What you posted the the screening for pressing I think. The 25 book prescreen option for grades is still the same.