CGC Scandal / Faulty Process

In the last 60 days, there may be more to addressed. It is clear that the CGC process has major issue /is broken, please reach out^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author for further feedback.

  1. Reholder SCANDAL:

  2. CGC employee TAMPERING:


As a person who has lived in high-performance operations, to include supporting CAT 1 level systems, shit happens. please put more effort into your roast because it just didn’t sway me and you didn’t put much work into it - just a copy and paste. You think employees don’t steal? Even Boeing has process issues. CGC is fine and I’m glad we’ve got good people watching out for us.

I don’t judge them for having a bad apple working for them. They’re being judged in how they’re handling the situation, which all too often is they just do whatever they can to sweep it under the rug and hope everyone forgets about it sooner rather than later.


Shit does happen - easy to just state a simple coined, common phrase to brush off. That unto itself is common.
However, Shit does not happen every couple months. Every freakin couple months - unless it’s being run by Annette Funicello and the Mickey Mouse club.


Exactly. CGC has issues and they’re not addressing them. Who should we blame? The top people in charge because they’re doing a piss poor job running their company.


I agree with you here. Based on Matt Nelson response in his video interview, he didn’t show or mention about addressing the problem that community identified. No action or even apology for allowing this to happen under my leader ship kind of speech (Maybe I’m expecting too much from a “LEADER”)

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With the recent Case Tampering Scandal and with employee stealing issue. CGC haven’t been open and direct about how they will be addressing these issue. Simply create side “events” (New price change and possible CGC 9.9 prescreen) to take the focus light off the actual issue and resolution which demonstrate that CGC is NOT FINE and if we think they are going to be OK, simply, god bless. If any responsible and competent person is the helm, the person will provide a solution and address the actual problem. I thought, in the earlier days, CGC employee couldn’t do submission or sell comic book because it would be a conflict of interest, I guess time has changed. I suggest anyone with time, there is another interview with CBCS Execs with Dave ( After listening to CGC Matt Nelson interview and CBCS interview, I don’t feel that they are going to step up and making things better (or take advantage of this opportunity created by their competitor).

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