CGC Signing Event

I have a noob question for you signature aficionados out there. I’m submitting for my first CGC signing event. After I make my own window bag should I put it inside another complete bag or just pack it and ship it as is? Also any additional tips for this process would be appreciated.

Yes I use another bag to slide in the comic to protect the window area.
Also I feel much better when I put into a top loader and then bubbled wrapped it then into a priority box with more cushion to protect it. Also painter tape to tape the bubble wrap make it easy for CGC crew.

Overkill? YES it is but I slept better :grinning:

Make sure to print out the CGC paperwork and follow their instructions.


I think I’ll use a top loader as well. Thanks for the tip!

Step by step method I’ve used:

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CGC Partners with ACE ASSIST and KLF Sports for an Exclusive Private Signing Event with Ewan McGregor!

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