CGC Signing Event

I have a noob question for you signature aficionados out there. I’m submitting for my first CGC signing event. After I make my own window bag should I put it inside another complete bag or just pack it and ship it as is? Also any additional tips for this process would be appreciated.

Yes I use another bag to slide in the comic to protect the window area.
Also I feel much better when I put into a top loader and then bubbled wrapped it then into a priority box with more cushion to protect it. Also painter tape to tape the bubble wrap make it easy for CGC crew.

Overkill? YES it is but I slept better :grinning:

Make sure to print out the CGC paperwork and follow their instructions.


I think I’ll use a top loader as well. Thanks for the tip!

Step by step method I’ve used:

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CGC Partners with ACE ASSIST and KLF Sports for an Exclusive Private Signing Event with Ewan McGregor!

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I like how they’re insinuating this could be the only signing he ever does. Yeah, right. He’s 36 years old, he has half his life or more left to live.

I’m sure Heath Ledger thought the same thing… :grimacing:

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I think I would rather pay $400 for Clooney.

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General question here. Who would you pay to get a $400 signature from?

Me- Al Pacino

I expect remarks or a sketch for that kind of money.

I don’t think there’s any signature I’d pay that amount for on its own.

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I don’t pay for any autograph from anyone. If I’m a fan of their work, just a hand shake and tell’em I like their work is good enough for me.


I don’t pay for an autograph but I’ll pay for a cool sketch.


Boooooo Booooo. Lol

I would pay $400 for Harrison Ford (but only in person). One of the few SW sigs I don’t have.
What is a bummer is had he not crashed his plane shortly before Celebration Anaheim I would have met him/gotten it as it was all set.




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Hugh Jackman signing

$450 :open_mouth:

You can usually get his signature for $100-$250 depending on the photo with JSA/BAS certification.

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