Champions 1 2nd Print

I can’t seem to find any listings for this book on ebay. Does anyone know where there is stock available? Normally I would do my vast search but I’m at work right now. Thank you.

Not sure its up on FOC yet, they may pop up later

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I think it’s in stores this Weds.

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That’s what I thought too, which is why I find the dearth on ebay to be odd. No sales and no listings as of yet.

Yes, it’s on sale Wednesday. It’s likely a ghost, as most shops are still trying to offload their 1st prints.

The only eBay listing I found when I mentioned this in my picks over the weekend was 2 solds on pre-sales from the same seller.


There was one listed last night…didn’t last very long at $3.99.

Maybe MyComicShop will list some his evening.

It is strange the low number of copies that have trickled in the past few weeks…calm before the storm? :wink:


Did MCS sell out already or did they ever put them up??

I haven’t seen any listed today on MCS.

Sometimes later prints don’t go up on MCS…

Up on MCS now.

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Sold out

EDIT: There are a couple in stock now.

EDIT: Appears gone again. Your mileage may vary.

Got in cart, but disappears when I try to check out. Oh well…

Why are people buying this ?

Please dont use hype words.

One acronym describes this in my opinion, FOMO.

We sadly now live in a world where “limited”, aka “small print run” makes things more desirable. The demand isn’t with the book itself but because there’s not as many available. FOMO creates false demand.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the cover art but am I buying it? Nope, I don’t read Champions. There’s likely good reason the print runs on these are smaller… cause they’re not as popular as some of the other “teams” in the Marvel Universe. If I find it for cover and it’s selling for nice profit, that’s the only reason I’ll buy it. It’s quick flip only…

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I figured as much, because the issue holds no spec. There’s no solid real reason why people are wanting to buy it besides flipping it because of fake “market scarcity”.

Because of the FOMO inflated value, I bet Marvel will make 3rd/4th printings

I kind of see it as… “you can’t have it, now you want it…” mentality. It’s like a room full of puppies… none of them wanted the random stick until one puppy started playing with it, now they all want the stick the one puppy has. :wink:

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I don’t know. I like this cover, and the book is packed with a whole bunch of younger, soon to be household names like Miles, Kamala, Nova… And I will say I was surprised at how good the interior artwork is. This may be aimed a little younger, but so is Strange Academy. I think there are worse titles out there.

My two cents.


Yes but it’s not like it’s a new team and all these characters have firsts elsewhere. Yes, Marvel will likely utilize these new members in future movies and comics but as the comic might be entertaining read with great artwork, the only reason people are buying this particular cover is more than likely, FOMO. They didn’t pre-order it, they didn’t care until now knowing it was under ordered, now they want it… etc.

Some might truly buy it cause they buy Champions already and want every printing… but I’m willing to bet the majority falls under my new puppy category… they didn’t care until the other pups have it, now they want it now too… :wink:

I should clarify. I’m not touting this as the next hot spec book. Just saying it’s actually a pretty solid book from cover to cover.

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