Cheap Spec alert! Batwoman season 1 villain

Red Alice the identical twin of Kate Kane will be the villain throughout the TV shows seasons like Reverse Flash of the Flash TV show. First appearance Batwoman #1 New 52 beware the 2nd print looks the same only difference is the 1st print has some top white 2nd print has solid red on top.

She was in Detective Comics #854 prior to Batwoman #1

Thank you don’t know why it’s wrong when I looked it up but youre right two years prior.

For once Alana is like 3 months behind on spec instead of 3 months ahead. :grin:

This was announced back in early February and all cheap copies disappeared off eBay and comic shops.

I found a few and have had a copy listed on eBay for $15 + shipping for about that long. I accidentally had accepting offers on and still haven’t got a single inquiry. I missed the mad rush by a few days, i gu as.

I’m not budging on my price though as when the show actually starts and gets some followers I’d expect it to heat back up again.