Children of the Atom #1

So here are the covers for Children of the Atom #1; the first issue even gets a secret chase variant (last pic).

Any spec on this comic?
Seems like I haven’t been hearing any real chatter on the title. But I’m wondering if this title can replicate the fun (and maybe the ROI) of Strange Academy?

Anyone else picking this up?

One big difference is the cameo appearance in Marvels Voices #1 for the Children of the Atom.


Fair point. But I don’t see Marvel Voices #1 outpacing the first issue, long-term. For one, the cameo is 1 panel and, secondly, they aren’t in costume.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s neat to have and I have the first print; however, the first issue with their first full appearances and cover supersedes their cameo (imho).


Honestly in this day and age that Marvel Voices will far outpace this book. Much smaller print run. Newer collectors dont seem to care as much to differentiate between 1st cameo and 1st full.

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I’m very excited for this book!

In my opinion, the 1:25 on this book will be the winner.


Same here…kinda hoping this new team takes off.
And yeah, I thought the 1:25 was the book to have (more than the Jim Lee hidden gem even). But that was before the secret chase… now I’m not so sure.

Also, this is all before any 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th printing madness…

Either way, I’m amped for the release.

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I want that secret variant… no shop near me so this is gonna have to hit the bay or Mercari

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I heard the hidden is a 1:5 ratio. I don’t think it will be that great because of that. Hopefully I’m wrong, I have 70 on pre-order if that ratio is accurate.

It’s a 1:10

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I like that better. Won’t be all over the place then. Thanks for the info.

From Larry’s comics…


plus it has a sweet RB Silva cover that complements cover A nicely!

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Was interested till I saw it was just a bunch of rip off characters with dumb names.

They could have just gone with kid versions of the characters they are ripping off.

I’ve read a couple different articles that suggested these kids may not be who they appear to be… don’t know if any truth to that. Anybody else hear anything to that effect?

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The retailer I spoke with said they got one copy for almost every 5 regulars… so yeah, it’s probably how Diamond ended up packing them… we’ll never know it’s true ratio.

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Yeah, I read the same thing–there is a secret they share or something to that effect.
What I found particularly intriguing was reading that the issue had to be re-written and re-drawn (presumably because of the pandemic delay). I wonder where the comic was going before the changes.

Yeah put of the 3 shop owners speaking about it… 2 posted every 10 and another said 1 of 5.

Wasn’t it loosely determined the KIB #1 secret cover was about a 1 in 7? Might be similar here. How often did the Wolverine Black, White and Blood “unmasked” covers come up?

I’m happy with the 1:25 has the new characters on the cover which the Jim Lee doesn’t or the secret variant

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Why anyone would want a bunch of new characters not on the cover when there’s options with them on the cover is besides me.