Chu Fantasy Football

Any of you peeps want to have a CHU Fantasy league? We’d need around 10 people to have good competition. No money involved—just for amusement.

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Ill play. I am a former champion so be warned. That being said, I haven’t followed the NFL in a few years.

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My grandfather always used to say the same thing. Also, if we had a hockey league I’d be interested.

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Same, if a fantasy Hockey league starts, I may be interested.

But on topic I’d FFB, I’m going to have to say no. I’m a recovering fantasy football-aholic. I found myself obsessing about players instead of the outcome of the game, and conflicted when my players had to face my team.

Very stressful and time consuming. I also had a bad habit of picking either the biggest bust of the year or have my first round pick get knocked out for the season on the first game. The bust is the worst because you have to play the guy because of their potential and they keep letting you down week after week.

I’ve lived a much better life without it…so going to keep it that way.

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I’ll create the league and send you a message with the link when the time comes. I’m going to wait a few days to see if anyone else wants to play. Thus far, it’s just the two of us.

Being a Jets fan, I’m not at all shocked by how the first series on offense went down. Literally.

So….now that their season is likely over, looking forward to Loki, season 2.

Sorry for those of you who drafted jets players. But you should have known better. :grin:

My nephew had him in his fantasy team against my son. The percentage of my nephew beating my son was 50/50 before the first play and 19 to 81 in my son’s favor after.

Allen doing his best to make up for the Jets loss of Rodgers. Woof.

Best of both worlds I guess. Allen is out but Bills are struggling.

That field goal attempt almost sank the bills.

Setting up for another Jets heartbreak.

Because why not have two in one game?

Bizzaro Jets…

This has been one of the most bizarre first weekends I’ve seen in a long, long time. And the Jets just scored to win it. Wow. Weird, weird weekend.

Punt return for 65 yards with an uncalled trip.

ESPN app gave jets D/ST 28 points. I thought it would have been higher.

Aaron Rodgers achillies injury puts him out for the season.

I’m a lifelong Packers fan.


When I saw how his toe went into the turf and the ankle stretched out, my heart sank. And hoped I was just over reacting.

Having ruptured mine back in 2019 playing soccer, you can walk on it. So that meant nothing. It’s painful, but you’re not necessarily unable to move. I didn’t even know it was blown for a month.

But a doctor just has to grab a part of the calf and your foot should rotate and point your toes up. If it doesn’t, you blew your Achilles. You don’t even need the mri to know this. The mri just tells you have complete the tear is.

So if the doctors suspect it, it’s pretty much confirmed. Unfortunately.

Deja Vu all over again…

What makes this even more eerie is that Testaverde was present at Monday night’s game against the Buffalo Bills, serving as an honorary Jets captain. People couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the two situations, while desperately wishing for a different outcome.


C’mon have faith, we still got the win. With this defense, o-line and Hall/Cook running, Rodgers isn’t as essential as he was made out to be. I still wish he didn’t get hurt but Wilson can step up. And I won’t be surprised if they bring in another QB. Rodgers was more inspiration for the team than playmaker, imo. And he can still be that with a torn achilles. I see this Jets team going far and tonight’s win was huge given the tough opening schedule they have.