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Just an FYI, CHU forums will be undergoing a quick downtime to apply maintenance updates around 06:00 UTC Monday. Downtime should be brief unless something goes horribly wrong and you’ll probably just have to wait 7 hours later around the time I wake up to fix after I wake from my beauty sleep. :slight_smile:


What is UTC, sounds like a urinary track infection. Why can’t you give us the time in EST like normal people live in?

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Because UTC is universal time since I can’t bother to list every timezone conversion since CHU Forums cater to the entire world… :wink:

Wait, the universe has a time ?

Yes, there’s even spacetime… :exploding_head:

Is that the continuim that Q is in ?

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Captain’s Log Star Date 98416.86

I’ve encountered a very curious being on our own planet asking about universal time and talking about Q… He might be an illegal from the planet Turkana IV. We’ll have to go ahead and dissect him to be sure.

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Captains Log Star Date 98416.88

It only took 9 minutes to determine the curious life form was in fact not intelligent, so we put it out of his miserable existence and used the chopped up pieces to go fishing with. Spock caught a 12 lb bass using the specimen’s eyeballs as bait. It was the catch of the day…

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CST/CDT is better than EST/EDT. We get shows an hour early. I don’t have to stay up as late for quality evening programming.

This whole UTC is how you argued you had posted an article every day for a year or something…

I didn’t like it then, and I don’t like it now.

Just state EST or CST or MST…we’re all smart here…we’re used to the conversions.

UTC is easy… learn how to subtract depending on what timezone your in and if its daylight savings or not as UTC doesnt recognize daylight savings.

I know… Basic math is hard… :wink:

EDT = 4 hours behind UTC
CDT = 5 hours behind UTC

When we fall back next week… EST will be 5 hours behind and CST will be 6 hours behind…

I didn’t argue… You did. Its fact I posted every 24 hours for over a year… :man_facepalming:

That’s the problem. It’s not simple math because it’s not a constant.

Maybe UTC makes sense when we’re talking across oceans outside of North America…not sure it’s very helpful otherwise. Maybe it’s a computer nerd thing. I dunno.

Other than Chinese and Russian hackers, what percentage of hits on the site would you say come from countries other than USA and Canada? @Poka is the only one I know who (use to) be a regular from that grouping.

By argue I meant we went back and forth. I presented evidence that you missed a day…your counter argument was you go by UTC.

Where was poka from

It is simple math… You just make it more complicated than it actually is. :wink:

UTC is constant… Our stupid daylight savings isn’t but only changes twice a year. Why is that so hard? Its basic math…

What? how? who?

Did I get a call?


@Anthony Just get on a US server! :joy:

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