Civil War 2 #4 (Immortal She-Hulk)

Just took a video on Youtube but this is heating up.
Specced 1st Immortal She-Hulk.
Ebay has been cleaned out quite a bit but lots of copies & variants still on Amazon/other places.
Another cyclical spec though as I seem to recall buying a couple for cheap previously. Regardless, buy low sell high & all.
Don’t shoot the messenger. :slight_smile:

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BleedingStool is the one pumping this a few days ago…

Looks like Mycomicshop has them on the cheap of you are looking.

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It’s interesting to look at sales on ebay though.
The Bleeding Cool article resulted in nothing really.
The videos=immediate run/buying.
Just shows what folks are following & responding to in terms of “frenzy”.
I had multiples of this already.

The Hulks have always been Immortal don’t need someone to tell me differently, that she’s immortal in this panel but not immortal in another panel. When all gamma guys were revealed to be immortal then hey that’s part of their abilities not their name.


Very true, but if you can get these books cheap and people are willing to buy at a premium let them think what they want…Make some money! Amazon had and still may have the 1:10 variant at right about double cover.

I picked one up on the cheap today NM for cover price. To eBay it goes. Yeah

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So i found the real time we find out she hulk is immortal

And you aren’t going to share it?

Ok but i got to buy one first before you all go ham

Just DM me first.

Did Jen Walters’ heart stop at all in her origin when Bruce donated blood to her? Idk, anybody know?

Its already up

Think the cartoon is on disney +

Saying you’ve got some juicy spec then Withholding That info Is breaking the first rule of CHU Club!!

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Im still waiting on venom 27 spoilers @agentpoyo

It’s pretty good. The world they are in is very twisted. Virus is an angry person.


There’s a CHU club?

Very angry… seems to have a grudge against Eddie…