Quick Spec’s: She Hulk #53, #54 1st Immortal She Hulk

So last page in She Hulk #52 which has a nice Adam Hughes cover we get the death.

The death continues in She Hulk #53 where she is also in purgatory with all dead marvel characters and Death disguised as Ghost rider. She is also a ghost for half the book.

And last page of #53 there will be a resurrection

And in She Hulk #54 some more dealing with Death and the return of the immortal She Hulk.

So she battles Death and comes back to life just like Deadpool whose immortal.

Sometimes #54 is called first Savage She Hulk becuase like immortal Hulk she wasnt quite the same after coming back from the dead.

52 is a gem just for the Hughes cover.

Some asshat has a 92 9.6 up at $65.99 or best offer. Made an offer at $60. Declined. Hmmm. with take 10% off as an offer… Don’t want to mess with it. Will but one of the cheap 9.8’s up.

Theres a 9.8 for $80 and $10 shipping

And pulled the trigger on a 9.8 mycomicshop had. I really like that Hughes cover. $90 and free shipping. Sent a message to the $65 9.6 guy and told him he missed the sale because not taking $5 less. I do not mind paying more, but if you have best offer up and won’t take a reasonable best offer, what is the point.

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#54 is the book she comes back to life make sure to get that too.

Yeah, but really wanted that Hughes 92.

Also combined a couple of things to make a post on the main site.

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All star squadron #25 says #21 on the website

Not anymore. It was a typo but quickly fixed

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Not to sh!t on the spec, the spec is well done,but, wouldn’t a resurrection fly in the face of being ‘immortal’? In order to be resurrected, one must first die. If you die, then you are not immortal. It’s just semantics, and another light shed on Danny Cotes’ obsession with writing outside of the established canon, but one can not die if one is immortal. Wtf, Cates? Make sense, would ya! Lol

Well Hulk/Banner was shot in the head with an arrow by Hawkeye and died and came back in a cave as the immortal hulk. So maybe he too had to fight mistress Death in the time between being shot in the head and showing up in a cave. Fighting mistress Death between resurrections has been done by Deadpool, Thanos, and She Hulk all immortal as none have ever stayed dead.

I understand, Alana. And your initial spec is spot on, well researched and thought out. I was simply pointing out the fact that it doesn’t make sense. Not your spec, but the whole concept of ‘immortal’ Hulks, She-Hulks, Abominations, Harpy’s, et al is just ridiculous. If they are immortal now, then they have always been immortal…by definition.

I may suggest that anyone looking to invest in a 1st immortal She-Hulk, they may want to check out the going prices for a 1st Immortal Hulk (Avengers 682?) before they decide to invest too much in a 1st immortal She-Hulk. M2c.

Even the ‘rare’ 2nd print isn’t anything anymore…cough…cough…:joy:

Well, maybe I should do some real research before I open my big, stupid mouth. Avengers 684, 1st full immortal Hulk, still does quite well. Ooops. Lol

Not the pickle Rick cover lol

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You’re kind of making my point above…684 wasn’t the “first” immortal hulk…682 was. But 684 was the first “full” and the “immortal” hulk was on the cover.

I sold my CGC 9.8s of both books (682 being the secret variant) loookng ago…got out before everyone kinda figured out it was just a scam…hulk has always been immortal…since issue 1 back in ‘62.



Yes it’s an ability not a character I’ve been saying this since avengers 682

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I got out from underneath that book too, ASAP. I have 1 copy left over of the secret variant for 682, that has been listed for over a year, and still hasn’t sold.