Comic Investing/Speculating During A Recession

It is not a crypto bail out. People with FDIC insured accounts get their money back from SVB and the stock holders swallow a loss on stock shares. No crypto accounts are FDIC insured and money in them are not accessible, i.e. up in smoke. The fact Bitcoin is up is just how it is. Fear is dissipating and high risk assets are going back up today. The NSDAQ is up 1.41% as I’m typing this. The risk-on trade always returns when the dust settles after a stampede.

While the media is having a field day stoking fear and panic, banks actually fail all the time. It’s rare to go a year without a bank failure. There were 18 bank failures in 2014, 8 in 2015, and 5 in 2016 for example. The media just doesn’t go bonkers over it all the time.


Like the time they seemed to focus on shark attacks yet it was around the same amount every year but they were making it out as some big deal. :wink:

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The last three months have been the most profitable for me since I’ve been selling comics. I’ve sold a lot of raws and a few marvel and DC collected editions. All my listings are above the FMV. Ive got the “best offer” turned on but some people don’t bother to use it.


I’m afraid to get on a train right now! Don’t even ask me about taking a balloon ride, lol.

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Totally respect your opinion. During normal circumstances, I 100% agree with your assessment. But, this story is much deeper than that.

The first bank to fail was Silvergate Bank. Here is their short bio on Wikipedia about them:

Silvergate Bank is a Californian bank founded in 1988. The company began providing services for cryptocurrency users in 2016, and conducted an IPO in 2019. In November 2022, concerns were raised about Silvergate’s health, following the fall in cryptocurrency prices and the bankruptcy of FTX.

On March 8, 2023, it was announced that Silvergate Bank would wind down its operations and liquidate.

Less than 48 hours later Silicon Valley Bank was taken over.

Then, less than 48 hours after that, Signature Bank was taken down. Here is their bio from Wiki:

"Signature Bank was a New York-based full-service commercial bank with 40 private client offices throughout New York, Connecticut, California, Nevada, and North Carolina. In addition to banking products, specialty national businesses provided services specific to industries such as commercial real estate, private equity, mortgage servicing, and venture banking; subsidiaries of the bank provided equipment financing and investment services. At the end of 2022, the bank had total assets of $110.4 billion and deposits of $82.6 billion; as of 2021, it had loans of $65.25 billion.

Signature Bank was founded in 2001 by former executives and employees of Republic National Bank of New York after its purchase by HSBC. It focused on wealthy clients and built personal relationships with them. For most of its history, it had offices only in the New York City area. In the late 2010s, it began to expand geographically and in terms of services, though it was most noted for its 2018 decision to open itself to the cryptocurrency industry. By 2021, cryptocurrency businesses had represented 30 percent of its deposits."

This is a crypto story. And by bailing out these companies, they are bailing out crypto. If it were a true risk-on situation, you wouldn’t see Bitcoin up 25% while the NASDAQ 100 is up .45% in the same time frame.

These bank failures are more than likely the fallout from LUNA, Celcius, Gemini, Voyager, and FTX.

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The bigger story here is who stands to profit? Who is accumulating more power and influence when these banks collapse?



Make people think regional banks are about to fail when in fact they’re not, but people get scared from all the noise in the media and move their money from them to a national bank to be safe. Then regional banks do actually fail and you’re left with an oligarchy of banks whom government can easily control.

Banks are higher up the ladder than the governments.

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Correction: ONE bank is above government and that is the Federal Reserve which is neither Federal nor a reserve. Every dollar we have is debt to a foreign entity. Kennedy started issuing US Notes instead of Federal Reserve Notes…

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I need to join the Stone Masons.

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Bitcoin just broke a 9 month high.

Has anyone seen the movie ‘Network’, released in 1976. It’s BRILLIANT! The Ned Beatty scene explaining how the world really works is phenomenal :money_mouth_face:

While fictional, it actually relates more to today than back in the 70’s.


I like that movie. Best dark comedy around.

The Coen Brothers are rolling their eyes right now. Lol.

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I said what I said! Coen Bros make some good stuff though. I will forever say, “Burn After Reading,” is great despite it getting mixed reviews, as far as I recall.


The story is starting to break.

I can’t post a youtube video here.

Search Youtube for “Meet Kevin Crypto and Bitcoin Collapsed the Banks | More to Fall”

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