Comic Investing/Speculating During A Recession

FDIC wants buyer of Signature Bank to give up crypto business, report says | Fortune Crypto

Let’s start talking about comic investing/spec during recession. If you want to talk failed banks, let’s start a new topic. We also have a crypto topic as well…




You win the internet today.

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Jim Hanley Universe is closing

While there is pain in the industry KCC put up the big numbers some comics hit recently at HA ComicConnect and Goldin.

I didn’t see any store variants sold :thinking: :rofl:

There are deals out there if you are liquid and ready to buy.

Feel like certain parts of industry making floor prices levels while the hyped up crap goes lower.

Stock market not happy with interest rates so the macro still uncertainty for now.

Buy what you like and even if it goes lower it’s in your PC to enjoy IMHO


So the big collectors will be watching how the upcoming high end art auctions do. People saying it is looking softer sales vs last year

If they there want top dollar add some Foil onto these paintings and they will hit new record prices. :rofl:

Also covert them into store variants… :thinking:

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Another interesting thing in comic book industry going on in real time.

In 2007-08 Financial crisis when the stock market was getting crushed that’s when Madoff and his ponzi scheme was exposed cause he couldn’t keep up with people wanting their money back.

Lately those that been following the latest drama from a big seller from live selling platform… :thinking:

During bear markets you get to see all the scams out there in industries cause there is no money to keep on paying everyone with artificial cash aka Ponzi

Ahhhh that can’t ever happen with comic books…

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I’ve been somewhat following the Epic Nation comic book drama not because I want to but because it has blown up all over the place. Prior to this I didn’t even know who all these people were and once again it involves the WhatNot crew. I’m really starting to get sick of these comic book retailer/dealer dramas tbh, it seems like every other week there is something new.

Thankfully I don’t have FOMO and have never bought a retailer exclusive. The fact that you would pay an inflated price to get something that is claimed to have a 500 print run because the retailer “destroyed” the other 2500 copies that they paid for is laughable to me. There’s so many dishonest and seedy retailers/dealers in the industry, would not surprise me that some of these “extra” exclusives are sitting in some of these retailers storage unit somewhere.

So having never bought a retailer exclusive I have never had to deal with any of these retailers in the past and would know who they are so good riddance.


It is wild with the epic nation drama and figure a lot of their problems started back in C2E2 2022 with acetategate. It exposed a lot of these people involved, and then they just fell off the face of the earth with leaving YouTube. Even more is coming out with regards to Nerdygirl and then add Sceff who disappeared from most social media, but I did see he is still doing WhatNot stuff.


Smart man! I stayed away from all the shiny trinkets and been hunting for real books

Less competition also


Most scammers will be feeling the heat when people start asking ough questions. They will ‘retire’ from comics and move onto the next scam… sadly…

A good cleansing is needed and people will be holding onto the crappy books til the end of time.

Just like you bought the dumb SPAC stocks or fly by night cryptos or NFTs during the hype

Also if your favorite comic book seller is able to make books dissappear like a magician at a live comic show with VIDEO PROOF that shouldn’t fall under “off platform” protection :rofl:

Ebay Live must be salivating

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point me in the right direction of this Epic nation drama deal…no idea and I need a good read at lunch time. :slight_smile:


With the current market, I wonder what are your guy’s thoughts of buying comics for long term spec. Now I realize there are better ways to spend your money for investments, but we’ll keep the discussion about comics because there are good buying opportunities right now in our fun little hobby. I haven’t really been buying much if anything at all because it seems like everything is dropping in price and I see no end to that anytime soon. Even some major Silver age keys are dropping even 90% of it’s value.

Feels like it’s a good time to buy the things that you’ve always wanted but again I don’t want to have my money on some of these keys when the market is still tanking. Something I’ve been doing is I’ve been putting some of the books I’ve wanted on my watchlist and I would almost always get really good offers from the sellers. Seems like a lot of people are hurting for money and are just selling off comics.

What are you guys doing? Are you guys on a buying spree and watching the market closely?

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You don’t have to watch the whole thing. You’ll get the gist of it from the beginning, mind you it gets weirder and weirder as they start talking about Whatnot bots and other shady stuff in the industry


The show show drama happened in Queens NY here is the full podcast story from the guys who host the show and had to deal with drama

Thoro then has done some good shows lately with the video and how the “scam” went down.

And more details from others all iver youtube and I assume IG which I don’t use.

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Get your list of books that you have been wanting put them on watchlists. Follow the auctions cause there are some insane prices and make offers cause you just dont know what kind of deal you can get.

Had a friend snag a Ghost Rider 1 1973 raw in great shape for sub $50 still mind boggling.


Also try going after the rarer version of whatever book you are trying to get. Newsstand vs Direct… etc…

Sales for the rare stuff have been holding up which says a lot about collectors willling to put up cash for real rarity not manufactured scarcity.


yea, now is the time to be buying. unless stock market crashes completely we are at the bottom or close to it for collectibles


Also another thing to think about if you are really going after big keys for big cash you can park your comic cash in a Money Market fund and get 5% risk free interest until you find the right books you want to purchase.

As long as Fed keeps rates as is which seems it might be for awhile.

Something to consider this option has not been available for a long time.

Not investment advice! :grinning:

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