Comic Investment 2020

So my wife asked me today. If there is a book that we could invest in that would go up in value, what would it be? I had no answer for her.

So here I am asking you guys, what would be that one book you would invest in?

Let’s be realistic on the books. I know I can’t afford an Amazing Fantasy #15 like DrunkWooky can lol.

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I wouldn’t sell them, because I love my Moon Knight, but he and any other show that is getting a Disney+ deal or an upcoming Marvel movie will probably keep popping for awhile. Once we get a, “She-Hulk,” “Ms. Marvel,” “Blade,” trailer, or any other characters I expect price will go up. Now, depending on the movie the price might go down if folk dislike the flick. No such thing a sure thing.

Ultimate Fallout 4. Miles is going to be around for a long long time.


That was one of the books my youngest wants.

Hulk 181 is always going to be hot in any grade no matter what and it has never gone down in value as far as I can tell…Even in the mid 90’s it still climbed slowly but surly. If you could look around and buy an
un-restored, complete CGC 6.5 for around $2500 you would probably be very happy with your return two plus years down the line. It also depends on how long you intend to keep the investment book. If it’s five or more years Hulk 181 is the best bet out of them all since he will probably be hitting the MCU within that time frame.

Giant Size X-Men #1 is still undervalued in my opinion. Once they officially join the MCU forget it, the book will spike bigtime and keep growing faster than it is now. For that one I would say a 7.0 or better if you can swing it, but any grade is a good bet, really. I’m seriously considering upgrading my 4.0. I didn’t get it for an investment, more of just to have but if I’m going to upgrade the time to do it affordably is closing.

Moon Knight should still have some legs as a good investment but Werewolf by Night #32 has seen some serious increase in the past 18 months. Still room to grow but for a strict investment an un-restored 8.0 or higher.

The last one I would consider is the Eternals. Right now that series is in a bit of a lull and there are some pretty good prices out there. For investment only I would stick with 9.6 and higher for this series.The price variants as well as the Black Knights first appearance (Avengers 47 and 48) in higher grade grade are good bets moving forward. Now is a good time to buy before the movie tailors hit.


1st John Stewart cheap and good potential
1st Black Panther cheaper than most silver age 1sts
Also 2 mor movies to go at least.
Fantastic Four #48 it will double again after a movie is announced.
The Crow #1 1st print that’s my grail

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You really never know My deadline #1 1st Tank Girl is mint 9.8 should get it graded and probably worth $2000 now I bought it on eBay uk for $50. I have best luck at things that cost me $50 like 1st x23, 1st Venom, 1st Crow, 1st Tank Girl, 1st Swampthing, and Fantastic Four #48 1st Surfer were all $50 purchases for me throughout the last 11 years. I have high expectations for my $50 now.


I think old skool EC horror books (tales from the crypt, vault of horror etc) will always keep going up in value / demand in the years to come. Horror is always hot !!

In terms of modern comics, i’d look for low print 2nd prints of key characters and key covers.

Also, don’t sleep on 2nd appearances…

Fantastic Four 48 is definitely a good one as well. Doubled in price the past year and a half, but not close to the ceiling yet.

I still believe Tomb of Dracula #10 is undervalued. It rose…but then dipped again after the hype from the last Marvel announcements were made.

Just an amazing character that is also very popular even among non-comic fans due to the success of the last movies. So much that can be done with him and so many ways they can incorporate other under-valued/under-represented Marvel Characters into the MCU.

My LCS has a 1st black panther for cheap. I thought that book died after the movie?

That’s a good buy but I think it’s one of those try and buy cheap, hold for the long term. His actual first appearance in Fantastic Four is the key book to own… It’s like Moon Knight, sure his self titled #1 is great but Werewolf By Night is the one to own (and some of his other earlier prior appearances).

Sorry, I know each of this could keep posting all day…

One more though that I still feel is pretty undervalued in the grand scheme of things.
Marvel Spotlight #5-1st Ghost Rider

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2 more movies so buy the dips in between

I could reveal my secrets… but then I’d have to dispose of you…

I do have a book I’m trying to acquire and don’t want to draw attention to. When I acquire it I’ll let you know…becoming somewhat of a grail because of a difficult cover to find in 9.6/9.8, despite being a modern that was mass produced. Newsstand impossible (not even trying at this point).

But any early Silver Surfer (FF48-50) in high grade, first iron fist and ghost rider, werewolf by night in 9.6-9.8 grade…all high ceilings/low risk.

IMO, Star Wars #42, 1980’s Marvel Series in the highest grade you can afford is a worthwhile investment for more than one reason … Disney+ is going to milk ‘Mandalorian’ as long as humanly possible since it’s really their premier show, which will continue to put focus on the Mandalore culture … Boba Fett is also one of the most loved of the Star Wars characters …

Also IMO, this book could easily double in the next few years … although I don’t know what your budget is …

Consider Marvel’s Star Wars #68 as well, a lower cost alternative

My LCS has
FF 52 for $1,400 CBCS 7.0
FF 48 for $2,900 CGC SS 6.0 signed by Stan Lee
FF 48 for $8K CGC 9.0
Hulk 181 CGC 7.0 For $3K
Iron Man 55 CGC 9.0 For $1,900
Marvel Spotlight 32 CGC 9.6 for $475
Werewolf by Night 32 CGC 6.0 for $900 or non graded for $850
Silver Surfer #1 (original series) CGC 8.5 For $1,950
Silver Surfer #3 (original series) F/VF for $525.
Tomb of Dracula #10 CGC 7.5 for $950
ASM 129 CGC 8.0 $1,700

What do you guys think? I might be able to work out a deal with them since I’ve been doing business with them for almost 10 years.

I got a Star Wars 42 about 4 years ago in 9.6 for $200. Best deal that I got.


Cash talks … if a customer comes to me with the dinero in hand, I’m going to cut a deal … especially these days and on a multi book purchase … if I were the owner, I’d add up the total and drop at least 20% off the top … if my customer had the money in hand and decided to walk, I’d cut 30% off before they got out the door … but, that would be it …

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All that shit is overpriced you can get a 9.0 FF #48 For $3500 less on eBay

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