Comic Picks of the week 11/29/23

Not a great week for new comics

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No, it is not.

My wallet gets a break though.

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Small week. Some good books but not a lot of spec value.

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At least the Mystique cover is lit/fire as the kids say.

This week sucks. Im starting to lose interest in comics. The writing and art in comics nowadays is just terrible…and cover prices keep going up


I significantly cut back on what I was getting to just stuff I really dig. Then a series I like will get canceled and it’s like what’s the point?


What I used to spend in a month on comics is what I spend in a year now. I’m making up for all the money I spent during the pandemic. I’m hoping 2024 is a better year for better comics.


I only pick up the random speccy Marvel book. Zero regular pulls. Although, I’m hopeful that Avengers: Twilight in January is good.

My only regular pulls are Image and Boom titles, because it seems like they still try. I will get the Constantine mini that starts in January.

Makes you wonder, if the lunatics like us aren’t buying Marvel/DC… who is?


Let me amend my prior post. I actually do pick up a few Marvel/DC titles, but I do it after the fact in dollar book sales. If you’re patient, you can find just about anything newish for a buck.

I grabbed Strange Adventures and Human Target all for $1-2. Entire Series for both. Figure it’s cheaper than the trades. Same for BRZRKR, a bunch of Department of Truth, and on and on.


I am buying plenty of Marvel and DC books, they all just happen to be over 20 years old.


This year on comics I have spent less then $2K. I’ve been spending my $ on video games for my old systems. And my boys love it as they get to play them with me lol.


My LCS jokingly asked me if I started buying my weekly comics online because I barely spend money on Wednesdays anymore…


It’s a really sad trend…. Let me ask you, is it an economic decision or a matter of quality of the comics being put out by Marvel and DC?

They do these oversized first issues or make the run squarebounds instead of floppies. Then, they charge double for the book. They know many people only buy the first issue. I’m not spending $7+ to find out if a series is good. Otherwise, I’d order Somna, Jill and the Killers, and If You Find This I’m Already Dead. I feel like I’m being taken advantage of if I spend more for the books even though I have the money.


This is my reason. And when the story is good, they stop it and relunch it, instead of writing it better to be an ongoing series.


For me, it’s mostly about the quality.

Physical quality: IMO, Image and Boom books feel better in hand. Better paper across the board. Better printing. DC is usually solid with quality. Marvel paper is the cheapest crap they can buy.

Creative quality: I listened to a podcast where they interviewed a Marvel writer, and they asked about the long-term storyline. He flat out said (paraphrasing here), “Oh, I have no idea where it’s going. We build up to a cliffhanger for an issue, and if the book keeps going, we just figure it out as we go. But, I’ll end a book and have no clue what’s next.” There’s no plan whatsoever. Boom and Image usually just have more creative stories that have a plan. Not always, but far more often.

The new massive price jumps are playing a role. It just feels like such a scam to be charging $6-10 for the first issue and $5 for every one after.

When comics are no longer printed as we currently know them in 3 years, it’s going to be 100% on Marvel. Their decisions to crank out shit and charge more for it is killing this.


Mine is purely based off the poor overall quality put out by DC and Marvel…

I still have some Image, Boom, and few other Indy titles I enjoy.

So I have moved that money towards buying more Silver and Bronze for my PC!


So they went with the Star Wars sequel trilogy model? You’d think they would learn.

I think collecting Omnibuses of all time great runs is going to be the future.

FWIW DC at least has some good on going series like Action, Nightwing, Batman, etc. The last good ongoing series from Marvel was Venom by Cates and that’s because Cates told Marvel he had a 5 year plan for the book. Daredevil was great too, but Marvel decided to relaunch it for no good reason. Same creative team and everything.

There are a lot of good Marvel and DC books right now.

Writers who come up with the full story prior to writing it usually end up with the best stories. Brian K. Vaughn does this and that’s one reason he’s a superior writer and limits the amount of books he works on at a time.