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Good day everyone!
I just released a couple weeks ago a buyers and sellers comicbook platform. Well actually its everything comics. I have a cosplay area and artist alley on there as well.

*No listing Fees
*No monthly Fees
*No Start-up Costs at all

Keep your product on there as long as you would like.

Check it out!

Not a spam bot . This is a legit site. I will answer any questions that you have if you would like.

It’s not spam. I let him on. I am always looking for alternatives to eBay and this is a new one that has a lot of retailers selling on there.

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My apologies.

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I’ve created a new category for these types of posts. These are moderator approved (sort of like our For Sale and Trading) posts.

So it will give CHU members the warm fuzzy feeling that they are not spammers or bots just trying to advertise their websites or services.



Don’t feel bad, I saw it and was like WTF… cause @Anthony failed to let me know… :wink:

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No apologies needed, you were just looking out for us.

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Sorry guys maybe I should have introduced my self before throwing that out there.


Thank you much appreciated.

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So it looks like there is a 5% fee when the product is sold.

are there any other fees?

I like the idea. I will check it out

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Just Pay-Pal fees. Im trying to get around that as well. Its a work in progress.

Just checked it out and looks good.

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Thank you so much. Its still new . If you have any questions just let me know.

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Whats “vendor” all about?

There is no way around the paypal fee unless u select “send to friend” but then ur purchase is not covered.

Hey I know this guy! He does not know I know him; but, I do, and he’s a good guy!

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Yes that is correct . Wasnt sure if there are other alternatives. But Pay Pal seems to be the way.

Paypal will help u for customer disputes as a buyer can contact them over disputes until u have a system in place. But u definetly want something in place.

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And then you also have the IRS that’s gonna still come after you since you’re “selling goods”…

If you’re selling goods and you’re using “Send as Friend”… you’re breaking policy. The sending as friend is if you hand your friend $20 without any other exchange of goods or services. So yeah, you can do it but if you ever get audited… you bet yo ass you’re gonna end up paying a lot more to get around the rules.

Yeah were not going that route LOL

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