Comic shops told to destroy next week’s DC titles


So DC is asking…not telling.


Wonder why DC cares so much to go to such extents? I mean, it’s got to be like 90% of Marvel covers each week are irrelevant to the story inside… :slight_smile:


They can ask but the general assumption is many will ignore or say they didn’t see the e-mail which could actually be true in some cases. I went a couple years with Diamond deleting the majority of stuff they bombard you with weekly.

Retailers are asked to destroy all copies of Superman #14 and Supergirl #33 when they arrive next week. Except of course, they won’t, no one thinks they will, they will try and flip them on eBay for five times as much.

3 out of the 4 I would be very tempted to but that Supergirl Killer B is just too sweet of a cover and I really don’t want the other cover they appear set to replace it with.

Are we going to get freight credit for the weight of the books we just paid to have delivered?

Anything other than apology for tying up our money for more than two weeks waiting for a replacement hoping the customers don’t pick up copies somewhere else in the interim that weren’t destroyed and actually come back for them?

What happens if the books two weeks from now arrive damaged? I just had my worst delivery in 7 years last week with about 100 comics damaged by UPS imploding a corner of a box taking out an entire internal smaller boxes contents and that’s following one of the biggest deliveries with missing content, almost 50 books missing from the order paid for two weeks ago.


Probably not and if they truly wanted these copies destroyed, then they would ask that Diamond stop shipments and or ask retailers to ship them back.

So, if they’re truly just asking and not demanding, keep and sell or have some giveaways… that’s if you’re getting replacements.


Superman 14. Supergirl 32.


I would sell them and tell the customers they can have a free copy of the replacement if they wish to exchange it later. Maybe provide proof of purchase too (receipt or something). Why penalize the customer if they want to buy the book now? May lose interest waiting 3-4 weeks. Also, you may be able to sell them both copies!

My guess is most shops will hoard them and tell their customers they had to destroy them but secretly sell them on eBay or bring them out later.

In ththe end it’ll just Ben another variant cover with no one really knowing how many survived…likely 90% of them will.


I’m simply going to place a Post It note on any Pull and Hold that gets them normally … then, when the replacements get here, I’ll put those in the boxes with another Post It that says Free …

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That’s my thinking also, especially that Supergirl B cover. I have a young girl who I stash a copy for every month until she gets here that would probably enjoy having both. They also spend a good 20 minutes or more every visit throwing the squeeky toy up and down the rows for the puppy to chase so I slip extras in their bag sometimes when they aren’t looking. My biggest subscriber is the only subscriber for Superman and Supergirl A covers currently and I always hook him up as well.


Anybody hit the jackpot? Shut out at 3 shops. None got them.


@drogio, I found them at one shop, out of five. I managed 6x Supes14A, 3x Supes14B, 3x Supergirl33A and 3x Supergirl33B, all at cover, and made a nice profit before I even got home from the shops. :+1: The real small shop by me, who is the literal comic book guy from The Simpsons, told me he was destroying his copies. I managed to convince him to sell me 3 copies of Supes14.


I could not find any. I am also in the Baltimore area less than 30 minutes from Diamond so that is not surprising. Diamond pulled all copies from every stores order around here


Im pretty sure all the shops around me got their copies. But the secondary market savvy stores did not put them on the racks, and the honest shops were actually returning/destroying them (i think).


If I owned a shop I would have destroyed them. Made a big bon fire and record it for youtube!


I dont have enough money in the bank, to be able to burn money in the streets.


They getting them replaced… okay, burning all those could be environmentally unsafe with the inks… to the shredders they go…


But I send DC an invoice for the cost of destroying them.


Don’t forget being reimbursed the COD charge for shipment as well…


Ah yeah… :slight_smile:


I went to my main shop and asked about these but they are a by the book shop, and said that they are returning them. They also said a ton of people were asking about them.


There’s no return them authorization out there. It’s a destroy them message and it was repeated by DC Direct e-mail again yesterday. The major change now though is with yesterdays e-mail, stores that got copies can now get freight credit for the copies they destroy.


AUGUST 15, 2019






UPDATE: Retailers, please be advised that DC will provide replacement copies of SUPERMAN #14 and SUPERGIRL #33.

Due to advance production schedules, the covers of both issues ultimately did not reflect the contents of the stories. Replacement copies with new covers will be provided at no cost to retailers.

REMINDER: DC asks that retailers who receive copies of SUPERMAN #14 ( JUN190540 - JUN190541) or SUPERGIRL #33 main and variant editions ( JUN190538 - JUN190539) destroy them when they arrive in stores.

Retailers are asked to submit an affadavit of destruction to Diamond. Retailers who comply with this request will be issued freight credits on their replacement copies of the issues.

Affadavits must be received by Diamond no later than August 30. Freight credits will appear on your September 18 invoices.

You can request an affadavit of destruction from your Diamond Customer Service Representative.

Please send complete affidavits to by mail to the attention of Steve Stoughton, Diamond Comic Distributors, 10150 York Rd., Suite 300, Hunt Valley MD 21030, or email to Steve Stoughton.

The replacement copies of the SUPERMAN #14 main edition will have a new cover by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado. This, as well as the variant edition replacement copies, are scheduled to arrive in stores on August 28 without “Year of the Villain” branding on the covers.

New main cover to
SUPERMAN #14 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado

The replacement copies of the SUPERGIRL #33 main edition will have a new cover by Kevin Maguire. This, as well as the variant edition replacement copies, are scheduled to arrive in stores on September 4 without “Year of the Villain” branding on the covers.

New main cover to
by Kevin Maguire

Retailers will be credited for these issues on their August 21 invoices.

Because of these changes, SUPERMAN #14 and SUPERGIRL #33 will be made returnable at a later date.

Watch for shipping updates on upcoming issues of SUPERMAN and SUPERGIRL coming soon.

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