Comics for sale! 😁

I’ve got a bunch of books listed on eBay, but you’ll get the best deals buying from me directly. So take a look and let me know if there’s anything that interests you. In most cases I’ll give you a price that includes shipping and is still under other eBay listings.

You may notice that some of my eBay listings are overpriced because I never adjusted to reflect current market. Most likely because I’d rather hold those books, but feel free to reach out about them.

Thanks for looking!

I might be massively dense, but I can’t find any items under your listing?

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There are a ton of books on there

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Weird. I just get this…

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No issues here either.

Seems like you’re missing the “shop” tab though.

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Yeah, there’s just nothing to click on! I am in the UK, so don’t know if that has something to do with it? Anyway, I like the OP so was just trying to be helpful in case we were all experiencing the same thing. Looks like it’s just me : )

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Well there you go.

Exclusions include UK.

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Weird! I just shipped something to the UK recently. Australia too. Both via eBay global shipping and the new int’l shipping but I will look into that. @Chudders have you bought via eBay global shipping before?

Thanks for the responses everyone!

Hey there. Yes, I use it virtually every week : ) (No addiction to see here)

Usually, I get access to a shop with a ‘May Not Ship to your location’ instead of a Shipping Cost. Most times I just contact the seller to ask if they would ship here if it’s a book I really want - and most say ‘yes’

@dPcomics what have us Brits done to warrant exclusion? I thought our beef was settled during the war of independence :rofl: You’ve got to let it go now - you guys won!


@Chudders haha I love my Brits! Just won some stuff from an auction house there last week :slight_smile:

Would you mind checking my link again? I made some updates to my preferences to try and fix it.

It’s all good now mate. Will have a good look through your goodies!

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Made some price adjustments and have a bunch of auctions ending Sunday. Check em out. I don’t start things at a buck but I do check current listings and start the auctions lower than lowest BIN listed. As always, I’m open to offers on everything and you’ll def save buying direct over eBay.

Got some auctions ending tonight. All starting at lowest price on eBay. Also put up some of the books I recently posted in 'CGC Pickups". As always, DM me for even better prices.

Link to eBay:

dPcomics - lovemycomics eBay store!

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