Confirmed Misinformation

I figured we should have this to point out any inaccuracies or blatant misinformation on comics I’m going to start with an article just put out this morning. It’s not the first I’ve seen of people trying to pump up a certain book while either not knowing wtf they’re talking about or lying to manipulate the market.

My problem is with Daredevil #10. While it does contain Maya Lopez’s Echo on the cover in costume as a first. People like the writer of the article I’m referring to seem to think she’s only shown in cameo in #9 but she appears on 8 separate pages along with an origin story. That’s not a cameo it’s a first full + origin. He even goes onto finish by saying people have decided on the wrong book because they don’t know what happens inside. Pot, Kettle, Black.

I left comments on the article but I doubt their approved as I’m critical of the writer.


The writer of that article is the same guy who was pumping (and dumping) Outlawed #1 1:50 variant.

So yea, the writer has an agenda.


Agreed. It’s even worse when it is deliberate confirmed misinformation, when they actually know what is inside and they put it as a first appearance because they have multiple copies of a book.

I saw a store which listed Batman #92 as Punchline’s first appearance and obviously they had a mountain of copies to sell.

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Some do argue that, “Batman #92,” is the first full appearance. I think, “Hell Arisen,” #3 is more of a first, and there is the cameo too, but yeah. It’s messy.

Gocollect is horrible

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Just as a follow up relative to the original book this thread was started about (Daredevil #10), misinformation, and how it can snowball.

So, this fellow writes an article about #10, folks get FOMO and decide they need to get it, sales increase as well as price and word of mouth, because the sales increase it hits lists relative to increased sales, then because of the increased sales and focus and appearance on hit lists, it then hits a certain apps “hot books” which creates even more artificial FOMO sales and demands.


Its all a big racket that spec sites/FB groups & Krap Kollector are part of. It’s an easy scheme to join forces and make shit books hot…

Lets put it this way: If I’ve thought of it, they’ve thought of it.


I used to use key collector. Had a year subscription. Then the action comics Naomi thing happened and he took no responsibility for putting out misinformation. He really just blamed anyone who didn’t fact check his info. Luckily I didn’t get bit by that. I stopped using it and just made fun of it after that. Then the owner Nick tagged me in the comments in a group one time and said he would like to thank (my name) for being a yearly subscriber. His skin is so thin that he had no problem violating his own privacy policy and doing that. A lot of people in the group turned on me after he did that too and I ended up just leaving, It was a CBSI group anyway so who cares but I like a few of the people who contribute there, namely Gary and Nico but they joined them more recently and well after this incident happened.

So my advice would be to stay far away from anything to do with Krap Kollector and Nick the creator or at least don’t criticize it because he may just release your information publicly if his man baby feelings get hurt.

I use the free features at most spec sites. Including key collector which I think is a great tool. You just have to confirm the info yourself before going all in on something. I wasn’t aware of misinformation being posted and not corrected.

I wrote to the people at go collect and they said it was being looked into and corrected by an editor. As of right now nothings been done as far as correcting the story or posting a retraction with the correct info.

I use Key Collector as it is handy for looking at past releases and seeing what is worthwhile–especially when digging in the back-issue bins. It has had some missteps for sure, but I find it useful. In the interest of disclosure, I’ve used it since its launch and am Facebook friends with Nick as he appreciated me blogging kind words about it when it was fresh on the scene. I am discouraged to hear he ever acted unprofessionally, however. Sorry that happened to you, @AngryMrBungle!

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I don’t have a problem with people using it really. It’s just my personal experience. I used to use it at half price books all the time. I use cover price a lot nowadays but also use GPA, Go Collect and comic book realm as well.

Also to be fair, KeyColl has it clearly listed as 2nd appearance. The aren’t perpetuating the misinformation referenced in the OP.

It’s merely on their trending list due to the number of copies sold.

While they do have their flaws, they handled this one fine.

Here is confirmed misinformation.

The latest Comic Tom Video mentions the Walmart version of Spiderverse and he says it is the first appearance of Billie Morales as Spider Zero both on the cover and inside the book.

Um. We ran the spoilers showing her origin and dispelling this myth.


I believe key collector was brought up for a Naomi related Action Comics issue. I’m not sure of the exact specifics but they made a mistake and never bothered to correct it.

The article I initially brought up was from go collect. It goes to show you that inaccurate article caused the uptick as evidenced by it being a trending book on key collector afterwards. This threads for any kind of false information being put out there by others in the comic game.

While we’re on the confirmed misinformation, let me add this one as well:

Matthew Page of CBNS Facebook group (I think that’s it… Comic Book News and Speculation) was pumping that Venom #19 was the first issue that Dylan displayed powers, yet, he showed powers in Venom #17. This was when Matthew Page was pumping the 2nd printing cover of Dylan with his cloudy eyes when his power comes into play…

This was quite a while ago but still worthy reminder to “check yo facts” before being blindly led into the FOMO speculation game some of these groups tend to use to sell their shit…


Todd I wasn’t replying to you. I was replying to Monopoly’s comment after yours.

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Speaking of Key Collector, Comic Tom mentioned they “Broke News” that Department of Truth has been optioned and it came from Insider Sources. Not saying that it has not been optioned but nothing has been announced yet. Needless to say the book is selling well. Wait for confirmation on these things.


I suppose if it is optioned soon they did break the news, whether it was true or made-up!

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This one. Action 1002 doesn’t appear to be in the KCC database anymore.

Never mind…found it.

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My point of contention is not that Key Collector said it has happened. My point is Comic Tom is saying it happened. He would have had to separately confirmed it. Not saying they didn’t get some insider info, just saying it has not been confirmed so do not present it as fact as Tom did