Congratulations to Joe and Kamala!

I wanted to congratulate all Americans for electing a new hope into the Oval office.



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I’m legit curious if there are many comics with Joe Biden appearing in them to spec on. The Trump ones were popular for those who loved and hated Trump.

Also, anyone who reads my blog knows my political views and that I’m pleased!


Savage dragon just had one endorsing Biden like 2 issues ago.

May be wise to scoop one up.

I only hope the economy doesn’t completely tank (it’s going to take a hit). If it stays steady I’ll be happy.


Anytime there is a shift in the Presidency the economy can get a bit wobbly. I think it’ll be fine though, especially if we can get COVID-19 under control. I miss eating in restaurants safely.

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Maybe very short term…Both Obama and Trump were very polarizing in whichever direction with tons of non political media coverage on all fronts…I don’t think Biden will become nearly as mainstream or ingrained in pop culture as much as the other two especially Trump…

I could see Kamala comics being huge.


Stock market was actually up the last few days this week when it was looking more and more likely Biden was going to win. I think the economy will be fine.

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I can see the markets stumbling a little bit here, but in the long run I expect it to do just fine.

Fairly certain that if you zoom out on the major indexes, they’ll show an 8-year bull run that spans the two terms that Obama/Biden were in the White House :man_shrugging:

Just saying.

Also, time to legalize marijuana at the federal level. Get with the times, America.


Ughhh, I voted for her…wish I could have it back but what can ya do… I think you are correct with her being the first female VP and all. Might be a good idea from a spec standpoint to grab whatever gets printed first as soon as they can be pre-ordered. I can see big demand for the short term probably longer.

Very well could remain stable. If that is the case no biggie. Anything crazy will have to be approved by the Senate so maybe we will finally get some compromise going. Last two years was difficult getting anything done.

Savage Dragon 253 going for $20

Ah yes, good point. Forgot about that little detail (the senate).

Nice to have AZ and NJ join the club though.

And theyre doing another printing congratulating them on winning

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Not sure how Arizona will stay in that club but NJ was pretty liberal when I lived there way back in the 80’s. I can’t see NJ swaying much.

Kamala Khan becomes president in All New Wolverine #33. 1st appearance old woman Laura and Honey Badger as Wolverine too.

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Sweet. Totally forgot about that Old Woman Laura storyline that they did at the end of that series. I bet that can be found in dollar bins some places

The economy grew just shy of 1 percent in Obama’s first term when the Great Recession took its toll. Growth improved to 2.3 percent in Obama’s second term. Under Trump, the economy is on track to average slightly above zero in his first term because of the sharp losses from the pandemic.
Excluding 2020, growth in Trump’s initial three years in office was 2.5 percent — barely above Obama and well below the growth under the Clinton, Reagan and Johnson administrations.

The economy was no better off in the last 4 years, than it was with Obama and Biden for 8 years.