COVID-19 and Comics

I posted this as a comment on CHU, but wanted to share it as a forum post to get thoughts.

From a strictly health perspective and politics aside, COVID-19 is extremely worrisome as more and more social gathering spaces get emptied or outright shut-down. One comic store I frequent does a lot with, “MAGIC,” the card game and tournaments bring in funds for the store. Even a group of 20 people playing MAGIC in close proximity has folk worried now, what with COVID-19 cases confirmed in Saint Louis. I imagine people are nervous to even go to their comic store if it is slightly busy. I could see a severe economic impact as a comic store is a social gathering place for many people, and we as a society are shutting-down all social stuff in the hope of slowing the spread. I am seriously concerned how this will affect businesses. Thoughts?

I’ve been going around licking everything… I’m not worried but I rarely worry about anything.

But on a serious note, businesses will take a hit, particularly the ones that depend on people showing up to their business. I have a feeling restaurants will really thin out if restrictions really go into affect.

What I would hope the local and larger governments would do is if they ask for mandatory quarantines, they should instruct banks and lenders to forgive people who can’t pay their bills during such time, sort of pause and resume after the restrictions are lifted, etc.

Sports…big tournaments going on in March through April. Potential big impacts.

I’m a college hockey fan, and it looks like it’s tournament which is played in big arenas may be empty…they announced the finals (in the stadium where the Detroit redwings play) will be To empty Seats…

Is basketball next? Baseball opening day is fast approaching. And pro hockey/basketball will face pressures as well…big money on the line…

Actually, it’s all NCAA tournaments…

…annnnd NBA just suspended the season.

…and Tom Hanks has COVID-19. God damn.

Bet he wishes he was still stranded on that deserted island… :wink:

They likely would have played empty arena’s but since Rudy Gobert from Jazz tested positive, I think that’s why they just suspended. Can’t have players spreading it to other players.

Did you see the video of the supposed infected jazz player (Gobert) touching all the mikes and recording devices after the press conference Monday?! A bit strange…?

First major celebrity to be infected, right?

And Australia? I thought this thing can’t thrive in the extreme heat? Seems that theory may be debunked…

I thought I just read it they just arrived and started feeling ill as they got there. From what I’ve read, you can carry it before it affects you. Not like you touch surface and you immediately get sick…

I guess this thread is supposed to be about impact to comics…

I’ll say I’ve been washing my hands after touching packages from WA and NYC and quarantining them when they have arrived at my house. Also paying close attention to where items in watching on eBay are originating. Not that it will matter once this thing is on every town in America, presumably…but for now I’m just paying attention.

K, thought they had been there a while…yes, it’s a several day incubation period…

Those guys always touch the mic’s, move them around… nothing strange about that.

You need to see the video. He was up and on his way out of the room after the session was over…came back did not move them, but rubbed his hands all over them…then quickly ran out of the room…

It’s nothing like you’re thinking they normally do. At least it didn’t look normal to me.

Some people do really strange things though. Have you seen some of things baseball players do out of superstition? Who knows, doubt he knew he had the virus two days ago and was doing it to spread it.

Maybe. Will need to know the timeline of events. Results came in from his testing tonight. That means he was tested a day or two ago…that mike incident was Monday, I believe.

Supposedly he did it as a joke…

Seems it back fired against him… but that explains why he did it.

Ah…well, he’s not only a static but now a prime example of bad behavior, poor judgement and insensitivity.

This thing is no joke anymore. Never really was.

Karma got ‘em.

Meh, I started off saying I’ve been going around licking everything… I’m not gonna hold such things against people.