"Crossover," First Issue Impressions?

I read the first issue of, “Crossover,” today and found it perfectly fine. This surprised me as I love most works by Donny Cates as well as Geoff Shaw. When they team-up usually magic happens. I adored, "Buzzkill,’ was a fan of, “The Paybacks,” and the, “Thanos,” run was legit stellar too.

This was just okay, however? It starts out with a bang then turns into a little character study of sorts that was kinda dry? We’re going to get a cliche-seeming love story about two very different people somehow falling for each other?

The last page reveal that somehow DC’s Superman could be involved (which I doubt due to copyright, but it was fun) perked me back up a bit, but otherwise, I just found this lacking considering all the hype. Am I alone in being a bit underwhelmed?

I’ll give the series some more issues before I fully form an opinion and consider writing a review on my blog as it does seem quite early, but anyone share my thoughts? Feel free to agree or tell me I’m in the wrong.


I have no interest in reading the book. The soliciting did nothing for me. I did get 2 copies of the secret variant and flipped them the same day. Other then that, no interest what so ever. Sorry…

I enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s in the “sign me up for sure” range yet after one issue, but I’ll definitely check out 2 and 3.

I liked it a lot, probably bought more of issue 1 than I should have but my LCS sold me all the incentives for cover price. I’ll definitely be reading the rest.

Huge letdown hype was for nothing.


lol… multiples of issue one still sitting on shelves across each and every LCS in town… including 1:10 for cover.

I’ve enjoyed Cates writing but tweets like this are trash. Similar to the Bleeding Cool article hyping up Daredevil #25 before the drop date - smh, but the zombies will eat this up as usual.

I think I’ve come full circle now over the past few months - It’s been a good ride and I’ve enjoyed being a member of this forum - learned a lot and have had some fun along the way, but this ongoing trend of weekly keys/spec is just stupid at this point.

Been a handful of nails in the the coffin for me over the past few weeks as well, including LCS charging double on NCBD for open order books that everyone knew would be in high demand, LCS employees speculating out aloud about titles becoming ‘famous’ and how cover A of issue 1 will be the one to have… I’ll refrain from identifying the stores in question.

I dunno man - I find it all pretty lame tbh - no offense, not to mention the countless pieces of trash (damaged books) that I’ve received in the mail from various online retailers.

Along with a few other things, I’ve more or less been fully turned off by this ‘hobby’ at this point. The good thing about all of this though is more copies of so-called keys for you guys :rofl:

Back to collected editions and digital for this guy, with the occasional floppy thrown in the mix every now and then.


Creators hyping up their work is one thing, it doesn’t bother me as much. That’s just marketing and advertising. All companies say their stuff is the best and you must buy it, you need it, etc.

I have issues when it’s people outside of the creator or company that pump and dump for the secondary market, creating false demand for their own gain. That’s when it really bothers me.

This type of behavior is expected… why would a creator call their own work that pays their bills trash and for people to not buy their product? Imagine if Apple ran a commerical and told consumers… nah, skip this next iPhone, it’s not as good. Wait for the next release… :wink:


Yep sure Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman, I’m sure all these comic shop owners are wondering where their second and third homes are meanwhile they are losing their first home and business because they took your advice. I call that false advertising and a pump and dump from the top down.

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lol, no ones talking about having creators trash their own work before it drops man, c’mon that’s just silly.

I miss being pleasantly surprised by the contents of a book - quite difficult to avoid spoilers these days with the internet being what it is and especially with the nature of comic book spec and folks dropping spoilers online days before the drop date, etc - would have to black myself out completely which may be what I need to do for the remainder of King in Black and The Last Ronin.

Anyway - refraining from hyping things up does not equate to trashing it instead. There’s something in between called do neither… let things ride organically.

Why would they say their own stuff isn’t worth buying? This is just marketing from the creators. Just like Sony wants you to buy their products, ATT wants you to use their services? Apple wants you to upgrade your phone to the newest version every year… how is this any different? They created something and they’re marketing it. Pump and dump? What exactly do you expect from the creators and publishers? I’d be more surprised if they told everyone… nah, don’t buy this, it’s just not that good… :man_facepalming:

Also, most of what Stegman said in his tweets I get the sense of him just being sarcastic as well… I don’t think he’s truly saying everyone is going to be super rich from selling KIB… let’s get real, I don’t think he’s being literal… :man_facepalming:


Yes but that’s what some of you all are implying by saying what you’re saying… what do you expect from them is what I’m saying… why would any creator who wrote a book say it’s not the greatest thing ever? If they don’t market it to try and sell it, then what’s the point in making it in the first place?

I’m not following ya’lls logic I guess. Just ignore the creators if you don’t like them saying their stories and art aren’t the best thing ever…

If you take financial advice off of twitter tweets from random people creating comic books, then you should lose all your money anyways I say…

You can tell everyone what a great book or piece of art your work is. Once you start attaching becoming rich and buying vacation homes if you run out and buy my product you become a snake oil salesman. Even if you are being satirical a lot of people take Donny Cates and Ryan Stegmans Twitter as the word of Marvel and rush out to follow their advice and buy these things. So in a way they are taking advantage of their fan base to pump book numbers.

Read my previous comment… if you believe everything on the internet to be true, then that’s on you.

Black Winter first appearance started moving again after Donny Cates tweet about it. That’s the power they wield it’s up to them to use that power responsibly and not take advantage of their fan base.

Just like a comic spec site can’t say there’s a black girl on action comics it must be Naomi rush out and buy them all first and sell them to their readers and still expect people to take anything they say seriously again.

He’s just tweeting about his character… how people react is on them still. I doubt Cates is sitting on piles of Thor comics hoping to score a lot of sales on eBay or elsewhere… Geeez… come on Alana…

A creator responding to another user saying he’s not “done” with the character is one thing… a spec site pumping and dumping half truths for their own gain is another. There’s a big line drawn in the sand with the differences. Now if you got some proof that Donny boy has stacks of books he’s selling on the secondary market and using the power of his creators voice to pump and dump those copies, then I’ll side with you but I seriously doubt that’s the case, so just knock if off with this nonsense… he’s a creator who boosts his product… by your logic, every company should stop advertising their products… they’re influencing people to buy something they might not necessarily need… :man_facepalming:

I would be mad if I was a shop owner that bought 500 copies of kib off some bs hype by the artist and writer. Then get stuck with a 1:500 15min cover drawn by Donny Cates with no spec and the 450 copies of the book they will never sell. But hey I’m sure KIB #1 has the highest print run for the month maybe even the year so mission accomplished.