Cruzzer2 eBay Listings

I’m Cruzzer2
Lots of stuff above price but I’m always sending out offers…

Moved this to your own topic for your own eBay listings since the other was @ToddW topic for listing his stuff. :wink:


Cool no prob!

I got this baby up here,

I should come up with A CHU Reader Discount Code or something! LOL.
No real talk. I sell my stuff on the Bay for anyone but I’m trying to make time to offer Chu stuff outside the BAY! lool

Just tell them to provide their forum name for proof, you can DM them to verify. Boom, discount!

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So I know CHU readers would not pay for the prices I’ve listed them for, but if you know someone out there, feel free to pass the word. I’m still trying to figure out a good way to sell some of my stuff to CHU readers so eBay doesn’t clip me.

BTW any sales of my ebay go toward my DOG, not towards me. I haven’t had time to set up a donation via ebay, to Arizona Humane Society which is my charity of choice.


I’ll one up this. If anyone from CHU (the forums) buys this and provides proof they bought it and are a member here on the forums, I’ll donate $100 to Cruzzer’s pup vet bills!


What is left on the Dog’s vet bill is $300.
I got a pet credit care card and I’ve slowly been chopping it down.
I’ve got till November. :slight_smile:

I’ll let it go on here for $300 (PayPal)
If not it goes on ebay for $350 (+$18 for shipping)

I have a video on my FB (Redirecting...)