Cruzzer's Comic Purge #1A (New 52 Action Comics Combo Lot [9 included]))

I want to eliminate that vulture called eBay.

$80 FIRM - Shipped

DC New 52 -

Action #6
Action #8 Combo
Action #9 Combo
Action #10 Combo
Action #10
Action #11 Combo
Action #13 Combo

All comics were bagged and boarded upon purchase with the exception of #11 & #13. The polybag residue seems to be crumbling on those 2 comics, but ALL books are bagged and boarded. So I’m sure you are curious about #9, it has a very minor stress on the spine, but still polybagged sealed. I am sure with a proper press it can be fixed.

These are the actual items pictured you are purchasing, so please look at the pictures carefully. The items come from a smoke&pet free home. I will put them in a Gemini Mailer, then I will put them in a USPS FLAT RATE EVENVELOPE which includes a tracking number which I provide upon payment. I will add a signature confirmation to the package as well. This not only protects you as a buyer, but myself as a seller, as well) to addressee in the United States. Reasonable buyer requests regarding shipping maybe accommodated. Total Payment is due via PayPal within 48 hours. Unless it is a dire emergency I have to take care of, I will always ship and provide a tracking number within 24 hours of FULL payment received. Shipping within the US ONLY! Thank you!


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I’n thinking I’m going to take a long box to my LCS for store credit soon. Once my remaining spec pre-orders from TFAW come in, I think I’m off ebay.

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Been selling on Mercari and happy as can be. We can open up a Chu-bay as I saw a place you can integrate your own auctions.


I see too many Facebook comic sales groups. The best one I loved is no longer around but had a Google feedback page. Over 22K people were on it, and I sold everything I always posted. I wonder what happened to it. Oh well.

I haven’t tried Instagram selling or Facebook selling but am not opposed to new ways to move Comics.

I don’t super feel like distributing my listings across two platforms, and I have lots of eBay feedback… but, stuff just feels like it moves slowly for no obvious reason on eBay. As in, my listings are often at lower prices than the ones that seem to sell. =/

I feel like eBay has been punishing me for. It listing as much. I am a 100% positive feedback top rated seller and power seller. Yet my cheaper stuff doesn’t sell as quickly as higher priced copies.

Start bundling some cheaper stuff with the other stuff…

Instagram… so I would sell stuff via my personal page,

After 2016, It came to the point I was posting comics and personal stuff on my page so I had to separate them So I did

I made the images via so if a friend knew of someone else looking for that item, they could send the jpg out… and it could get passed around…

I never got the comic book following on my 2nd gram, but it was more organized.

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Instagram is like the one place I haven’t bought anything or really tried selling via. Maybe I should figure it out.

If you have a good following like @CheapComicsForSale (She buys bulks and sells them off, but never bagged and boarded) There are others…

It’s tough unless you know how to properly use an abundance of hash tags… #comics4Sale #ComicsForSale #ComicbooksForSale #ComicBooks4Sale

I mean the possibility is staggering.

When I was selling, reviewing, and customizing action figures I bought from some great customizers on Instagram. If you use PayPal, I think it’s about as risky as any other platform. Just get your order and commitment from the Seller in writing before sending money.

PayPal goods and services for the win, help ya avoid scams much more than Venom or Cashapp which don’t have buyer protection. Perhaps I’ll explore selling stuff on Instagram at some point, or at least buy stuff that looks cool maybe.

Yeah… avoid scams much more than Venom…
Venom is no bueno.

Sold my ACTION comic set. What is crazy was I had different assorted items on ebay, and I couldn’t sell any, and JUST YESTERDAY… boom… 6 SALES IN A ROW!.. what the heck?

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Pay day?

Love when this happens…I get all depressed and feel like nothing is selling, then you get one of those big days and makes everything ok again :wink:

My sales have slumped to about 10-20% the past few weeks from what it has been the previous three months consistently…

So I guess all my customers turned over to you…


The thing was, I didn’t just sell comics, I sold some CD lots.
I didn’t know flipping CDS was just as profitable.

I think summer starting, stimulus money running out…prob gonna be a bit of a slump here.

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