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Just wondering if other people are feeling anything like me about the current DC books.

The format of one short main character story and one back up story just isn’t working for me. If I buy Action Comics it’s because I like Supes; Wonder Woman for Diana; Batman for Bruce, etc. But at the moment I feel like I am reading half a main character story and then its time to wait for the next issue.

Just reading through my last month’s DC books has continually left me with a “er, ‘is that it’ feeling”. The new format just doesn’t give the stories room to breathe. Just not working for me, which is a real shame because DC has always been my favourite universe.

AT&T and Warner really seem to be messing up some great intellectual property they have. It really needs to be in the hands of people who care more. I can’t help thinking the dramatic reduction in staff and fee structures for creatives is behind this, rather than some grand plan to make the most of the characters.


Call me a homer, but I feel like there is a larger story being told her across all the books and I am enjoying it.

Batman for example is 40 pages instead of the standard 32. You getting just as much Batman as pre-Future Stare. The difference is that now Batman is monthly instead of Bi-Weekly.


Oooh, I’m really enjoying Batman! I started with 106 and this storyline has been fun. I have no preconceived notion of what a good Bat-book is, and no connection to previous stories in the series, so I’m just along for the ride.


Quite funny that the first two responses are about Batman books, as those are the ones I am yet to read. Action Comics and Sensational Wonder Woman are the ones that that I found a bit unfulfilling. At least there is hope when I get to the Bat-books. Thanks : )

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I like Batman, detective, green lantern, Harley and nightwing right now.

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I haven’t read my GLs yet.

Just starting to get a creeping sensation that I ran my mouth off before reading enough books : )

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I’d also be enjoying Aquaman if DC would quit being dumb and get a creative team together.

EDIT: which is to say, I’m reading Aquaman, even if they put Bendis on it.

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Batman, Detective, and Nightwing are good. Wonder Woman is pretty avg.Im done with the Bendis stuff, and i probably wouldnt read Superman no matter who is writing it.


At least he is doing something with Naomi now. Full JLA member!

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Agree 100% if it wasnt Batman related I’m not buying DC. I’ve bought a couple cool Wonder Woman covers but that’s it.


I’m also enjoying Suicide Squad and Swamp Thing but those don’t have back up stories so I didn’t mention them.

You’re missing out dude.

Batman the detective was good too.

I’m on Batman and anything with Yara Flor. The Next Batman: Second Son (digital first) is not for me.


Batman is the only DC book I am reading now, no longer buying any of the other books after the price increases and them putting a bunch of extra stories into a book I don’t care about.

Only the books that have back up stories are $6… I’m 99% sure anyway.

Im pretty high on robin after reading the new one last nite. Really excited where that’s going. I’m not at all familiar with damien’s backstory and history nor do I know how a lot of older batman fans feel about him but I personally think he is someone to watch out for and will be buying up #655-657’s whenever I get a chance now. He’s badass!! And so is flatline. She is going to be the perfect rival for him.


Missing out on what? Batman is my pull since issue 78/79. I grab Teen Titans. Future Batman. Detective Batman. Batman Black and white. Next Batman. Robin is on my list and that’s it.

Swamp Thing is awesome and Suicide Squad has been good as well in my opinion. Nightwing is killer as well!

Nightwing I’m on that’s Batman adjacent just got suicide squad because of titans crossover. all Batman or Batman adjacent titles. Oh and Far sector. No flash. No superman. No justice league. idk DC outside of Batman was never my thing. I enjoyed Nee 52 flash a lot. That’s it. I’ve bought spec books and flipped em. But nothing I’ve actually read.

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