Curses! Spoiled Again! (8/14)

What’s everyone hoping Tony will spoil this week?

Will Handi-Man (or woman) make his (or her) comic debut in Iron Heart #6?

Will Tony spy copies of Superman 14 and Supergirl 33 sitting out on shelves…? And for what price?! (And will flippers berate shops for charging over cover for issues they were told to destroy?)

Who dies in Captain Marvel #9? (What…? Huh?)

Does Cates work his “magic” and re-write Galactus origin cannon (to Alana’s disgust)?

What do you want to see Tuesday Night?!!!

Captain Marvel #9 perhaps… it’s not a big week at all.

White Trees has a lot of guy on guy action… it’s a definite Chip book! He sure does like penis in his books. It’s still a great read though, so don’t let all the penis turn you off.

We won’t be posting those on the site though…

Drogio, love this. Thank you!

Powers of X #2. Lets see if there’s anything that should continue the price escalations before they get increased and multiple reprints.

Two Absolute Carnage books with hopes of potential and not just pointless filler.

This has the feel of one of those weeks where something surprising comes from somewhere unexpected.

Any revelations/more details on the Purple Ranger or additional 1sts? I imagine a purple Dinozord would get too many Barney jokes so what’s his ride like?

Does Captain Marvel 9 confirm the spec of #1 as the 1st in civilian identity?

Was Galactus not alive before the creation of the Universe? How do you retcon someone who has been a part of the Universe, and beyond, since its inception? Please stop retconning shit, Donny. Lets move forward, Cates, and not rewrite the past.

Event Leviathon #3 Who is under that Red Hood? Still teasing us on the cover or something worth some spoiling?

I’m I dunno…I saw a spoiler page that said something about being incubated within the core of an infant ego…so I don’t know what’s going on.

Ego (to Galactus): I…am your Father!

Galactus (tearing up): No…that’s impossible!

Ego: Search your feelings…you know it to be true. And if you don’t like it, then talk to Donny Cates.

Galactus: NOOOOOOO!!!

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You can skip Go GO. Second full appearance of Mr Purple Ranger Emisary but no Barny Dinozord or anything yet. Cool Warbunny 1st but he’s doomed to a short lifespan most likely. Of course he is a rabbit family member so you never know how much reproduction he’s had time to pull off before his probable demiss. :rabbit2:

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Tony spending a little too much time on the can this evening?

He’s enjoying the books too much I think.

Nah putting my boys to bed My youngest asked me to make him a haunted house on minecraft and I did. came out pretty decent. I did a roller coaster for him the other night. Even though Tuesday night is for comics, I still have to take care of what is most important to me, my family.

Family first… Life priorities second… Comics are at the bottom of the list…

Are you sure this City of Bane stuff is just a dream or some Elseworld out of continuity thing? I just finished Gotham City Monsters #1 and it references Bane having control of the city multiple times, it references things that happened leading up to Event Leviathon and in it, and there’s a reference box to Suicide Squad #50 also.

When I read the first one they were on a different multiverse.

I must live in Bizarro world. And I love it. :rofl:

And so, like many who’ve lost everything, I came to Monstertown… A neighborhood once nearly leveled by a behemoth created by Doctor Hugo Strange. Classified by Shade as a terrorist psychiatrist. As the rest of the city was choked in the grip of Bane, Monstertown thrived and grew.

It’s definitely confusing since the giant skeleton in the heart of Monstertown and Hugo Strange thing were in continuity back in the first crossover around issue 7 at the start of the series.

I think I just kind of enjoyed Gweenpool and her new super power. It’s stupid and fits her making her sorta the What-If Girl with a stupid time travel type ability. It feels like a car wreck I shouldn’t want to see but can’t turn my head.

The new Prodigal Son was enjoyable also but once again I feel many readers will miss it since it’s not all under the same name with sequential numbering.

Moving on to Oblivion Song and this weeks DC comics.

Is anyone reading Waid’s Doctor Strange?
Talk about some lazy/copy cat story telling.

Hmmm…making a deal with Mephisto which requires giving up the love of your life???

Now where have I heard of that plot before?
I’ll stick with it till the last issue now but sheesh…

Captain Marvel #10 is huge in story development for Star and confirms some suspicions. Trying not to spoil all over it but you don’t want to miss this one!!! Full origin, full power origin, you find out if she’s good or bad and a lot of action with Captain Marvel. There’s even secret identity revelations.

MILES MORALES SPIDER-MAN #10 might be of interest also. Double dipping with an origin story for a new darling and a new name/power and suit for an established name.

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