Curses! Spoiled Again! (8/21)


What do you feel like being spoiled with this evening?

A little chiropractic work by Bane?

Maybe Anthony can confirm if there’s something more secretive (or confusing) about POX3 than its covers?

Just one rule…all trolls are banned!!


Pox 3 is crazy!! It is either going to break everyone’s spec or just drive the prices up on issue 1


It’s gonna break the spec and then break everyone’s heart… :wink:


Poyo will be handling spoilers tonight. I have to miss a Tuesday night for the first time in a long time. Thankfully, Poyo was given a map and the key to the employee restroom to take photos.


I’m scared…


Read apart from the rest of this thread, this sounds like something he could do hard time for…


I hope Star does stick around…spec or no spec…that 2nd print cover is really a beauty up close.

P.S…I know everyone has different tastes but I’m not fond of a single aspect of “Headhunter”…imo not worth a bit of hype.


I hope its the latter, @Mike_C. Im sitting on a few #1s, and I know where a stack of them are at one of my shops.


Why didn’t they just number these 1 to 12 if they’re going to do stuff like this instead of two separate 6 issue titles to confuse people into missing half the story if they didn’t sign on for both?


The two Powers of X in a row vs the established alternating release def threw some people.

I’m still in awe of what the varied connecting covers that were really pretty plentiful (at least from what I saw) are still getting.


I lucked out on that and bought the Connecting covers on release day, for my PC. I have a thing for good connecting covers. :heart_eyes:

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It threw me. I told one guy last week to come back this week for HOX 3 and now it looks like even though I don’t have HOX 3 this week for him, POX 3 pretty much picks up where HOX 2 ended. Maybe he’ll settle for a set of POX while he’s here anyway not finding his HOX 3.


I believe there’s a reading order list out there… to jump from HOX to POX…


there is, its on the back page of the comic


Figured there was one…


Never looked at it. Most people just signed on for both. It’s just recently HOX 2 has new people wanting to ride that side that’s going to catch the new people off guard. If they’d just done a single title with numbering 1 to 12 and told people it was going to be weekly for 12 weeks then that should have prevented any confusion.

Guardians has the vermin apparently getting ready to put on some new dudes that may need a little spoiling though it appears #9 will be the earliest he’ll be seen wearing it. Magnificent Ms Marvel 6 has some new and interesting uses of the new fancy suit. MCP was just enjoyable to read both the first two stories, have to love it when fathers and daughters get some quality bonding time together doing things they love. Cracking open TT33 right now.


Not following all this HOXus POXus talk…


I can’t tell for sure if Deadpool Annual was more enjoyable or disturbing. It doesn’t feel right to have enjoyed it.

Iron man was enjoyed without question or guilt.

Valkeryie was another one on the fence. Story was okay but I don’t believe the ending is permanent.


Captain Marvel 12 not only looks like Star doesn’t make it to the book, it looks like whatever happens to her has the Avengers all riled up and CM turning bad. Insane new costume look!!!


What is with that stripe down her chin?

And why two different costumes? She’s so evil she Needs a Wardrobe change?

So many important questions that must be answered…


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