Curses! Spoiled Again! (8/28)


What’s everyone spec’n on this week for new books…what has you excited to stake out the LCS Wednesday morning?

I’m excited to hear if Venom 17 has a major end reveal…sounds like Red Hood is another grab.


Doctor Strange #18 - “A truly terrifying villain is working their way into the Marvel U via a small house in Kansas, in the issue that will have people talking for years!” Hyperbole or …?


Just left a long list in the other message from where Po asked before seeing this one.


Interesting. Definitely need to keep an eye on that DS book.


I only asked is it that slow of a week that people are holding Red Hood as the winner book? I didn’t ask about anything else. I just can’t find myself speculating on Red Hood. It’s not that popular of a book and if it does heat up, it’s going to fade as quickly as it heats up.

I’m better there are other bigger surprises this week other than Red Hood…


Not a fool proof method but I always check to see availability of books at midtown. For example, Red Hood Outlaw #37 is a wishlist book right now, Justice League #30 is a max 25 of each cover right now, TMNT #97 is 1 per cover, etc etc etc So, I would be shocked if JL #30, for example, is a huge book and midtown is not aware the day before release.


I check Midtown and others as well but it also seems like Midtown has been selling out but then will come back with 1 per customer on hot books… Just have to wait and see. Red Hood Outlaw isn’t a big print run and seller to begin with. Any heat it potentially brings will likely sizzle off I think, if it happens. Buy low, sell high and sometimes sell fast! :wink:


I don’t know that it will be but Synder seems to think it’s worth checking out. There’s always a chance something will sneak out that doesn’t get hyped before Wednesday afternoon. Remember TMNT 95? All covers available for cover price or ratio in mass prior to late afternoon.

All 4 Spider books are on my peak in them to see what’s going on list. AC Miles even has a classified cover. The cover on FNS with MJ putting the suit on makes me think something may happen to boost her upcoming solo series, Life Story was big enough in Marvels eyes to offer discounts and qty ratio variants and anything can happen in any issue of Amazing any week. Maybe even something to excite as Moon Girl slides into the finish line.


Sure, but what was the print run of TMNT #95? A license with a huge following but very little in the way of comic subscribers.
Like I said, not a fool proof method, if a Marvel/DC book is available at max 25 copies a cover before release day and it is a massive spec on Wednesday it wouldn’t be unprecedented but it would be surprising. Midtown/mycomicship are now into pricing books much higher on release day.


There was about 40,000 more copies of Justice League 27 than TMNT 95. I would hazard a guess that really only reflects a difference in mainly subscription levels and many stores having similar qty of shelf stock not spoken for after subscriptions.

It could very well be Synder crying Wolf but every 3rd time as the story goes, there’s really a Wolf there.


Is it sold out at Diamond right now? Just curious.


Anyone have an image for what the secret special cover for Marvel Comics 1000 looks like? I’m assuming it was a 1 per store since I didn’t actually order it. It’s just shipping in as a surprise.

Is it sold out at Diamond right now? Just curious.

Yes, the B Cover is already sold out at Diamond. It’ll be interesting to see over the next week if the extra hyping by Synder causes unexpected traffic for the A as well. If it happens that would be a great. I have not gotten delivery to be able to read it myself yet so if I think it’s a dog I want hesitate to say it is. Remember Ms Marvel 5 a month ago? Sometimes it’s fans buying after the books are out on Wednesday that cause price increases. You have to give time for word of mouth to get around sometimes to see increases. in other cases it’s additional issues of the story increasing traffic and demand after the fact like Powers of X and House of x are experiencing right now. Powers of X 1 hasn’t gone up but #2 is finally creeping up now based on HOX #2 and POX #3 exciting people. I can’t wait to see what HOX #3 is going to bring.


JL #30 variant cover is beautiful.


I started to say something about it. It caught my eye as well. I’m mad at myself right now for not looking at it when I read the Snyder hype. I bumped my order on the A Cover since that seems to be the one people like here as a rule but skipped increasing the qty on B while they were available.


The return of Justice Society of America ?


Possible but I was under the impression they were saving that for next week.

12 boxes in a big brown truck expected any minute. :redskins:

The more I think about it. I seem to remember reading something a few months ago that said to expect them around issue 30/31. (1st New 52/Rebirth era JSA?)


Scott Snyder (@Ssnyder1835) Tweeted:
coming up in JUSTICE LEAGUE…


Justice Doomwar starts tomorrow w/30 - don’t miss it. This is the big story.

From a Newsrama interview from yesterday:
Nrama : James, anything to add? Maybe a tease about what happens?

Tynion : Lex Luthor kills Superman on page 1 and it gets crazier from there.


The FREE book is the D23 Disney Marvel 1000 currently listing out in the hundreds on E-Bay!!!

That’s insane. Watch the price of that book drop like a rock with maybe 2,000 more copies hitting the Bay today and tomorrow!!!

TMNT 97 has the mask yellow so it is GreenStabby on the cover.

Still unpacking.

Here’s a link so you can watch the drama as the D23 crashes in price over the next 24 hours!!!

Okay, found and read Justice League 30 and I liked it. It looks like a great start to a really entertaining story. I’ll say more after it’s Spoilerized officially.


It didn’t make the spoiler list so I’m assuming it’s safe to discuss today.

Good read and I expect a solid beginning to a story arc that will attract a few extra readers. I didn’t count but it appears you may be getting a hero or villain for every penny of the cover price!!! Reminds me of those exciting comics from my youth like Contest of Champions that we would sit around trying to name every figure drawn in. It appears every hero in DC just got drawn and made an official member of the Justice League except Naomi!!! The cast of villains drawn was humongous also. We do get the return of the JSA which may be "1st"able for the New 52/rebirth era. I’d have to get some more research time on that. Previewed at CBR.

Now to sit back and see if the extra promoting by Snyder causes it to slowly sell out and/or if the additional story issues drives sales up as the story progresses in later issues. It’s definitely a book that should be in the read pile for multiple reasons.

Spider-Man Velocity- Spidey gets a new armor suit and name- “Arachnight”.

TMNT 97- Jenny suits up for the 1st time, does a little butt kicking and makes the cover of B. Just ordered my new Jenny shirts this morning.

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man 11- another feel good when you read it story with a great cover.

Avengers 23 That was a lot of Ghost Riders!!! Maybe a new record for one comic.


Apparently it wasn’t just me getting copies for free so there may be some out in the stores on the shelf at cover price if they didn’t bother to look it up online to see what it was.

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