Curses! Spoiled Again! (8/6)


Sorry for starting this late. I was traveling to visit family weekend and also playing in a memorial soccer tournament.

So what are the big books that need to be spoiled prior to Wednesday 10am this week?


House of X 2. Anything major or key?


I’m wondering what BJ/BlondStabby keeps hyping up about DCeased 4.


wanting to know about any new appearances coming also new carnage and dceased


DCeased 4 has an ending that will drive you insane with anticipation for wanting to know what’s next. Unfortunately that’s 60 days away from being known. At least 30 or so if they release the Advance PDF 30 days ahead as usual so far for the series.

I’m early in my reading but if you want a non stop thriller read Absolute Carnage. Waaay better than I was expecting it to be. I’m cracking open HOX2 in a minute.

2 Hours and 12 minutes until all these books go on sale at the midnight release parties. Reminder, ALL comics can be released at midnight tonight due to policy change at Diamond announced today.

Diamond Adjusts Product Release Compliance Policy for Midnight Releases

Retailers planning Premier Publisher sponsored midnight release parties should note that Diamond, in concert with its publishers, will now allow all product carrying an in-store date of that week’s event to go on sale at midnight. The change should alleviate retailer confusion on what products may be put out for sale and from having to seek approval from individual publishers for their product during each midnight release.

The change goes into effect starting with Marvel Comics’ Absolute Carnage #1 midnight release event, which means retailers can sell all product carrying an August 7 in-store release date during the event.

“We’ve worked with our publishing partners to clarify the policy on midnight releases in a way we think is best for retailers, saving them the trouble of asking individual publishers about wether their product can put on sale for an upcoming midnight release event,” said Diamond VP-Retailer Services Chris Powell. “Now, unless a publisher specifically asks for their product not to go on sale, retailers can put all product with that week’s release date out for sale at their midnight release events.”

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thanks worth buying the variant “absolute carnage” retail dell ?


House of X #2 was one of the most enjoyable comic books I’ve read in some time. I’m damn near 50 and it made me remember why it is I love comics so much. Just great.

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Oh…Green Lantern ties into Dceased. Cool book as well.


I give the story two thumbs waaaay up so pair it with whatever cover or more pleases your senses. I’ve got people getting all of them up to the 200 QTY Solid Red in bundles tonight. Others are happy with just 1 copy to read. I didn’t catch anything spec worthy myself reading it but I’m now firmly convinced it’s a great pickup for anyone who enjoys, Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage and there is a getting back together we’ve been waiting for that occurs finally in the book as well as providing proof that my suspicions about the FCBD isse were correct that that wasn’t Eddie.

HOX 2 so far is more wordy than enjoyable so far. Still reading.

Done, there’s some deep thinking there but I’m not a believer yet. Maybe next week.

Immortal Hulk is up next. Done, set up book for what happens next issue. Nothing looks spec worthy.


Doesn’t seem like anyone cares much for The Punisher of late. I still enjoy it. Moon Knight is in this issue as well as a return of Rachel (Black Widow & Night Thrasher too). Some pretty funny quips between Frank & Marc.


How? I saw another direct reference to a Gamma storm which leans again towards a future something Hulk related but only thing obvious that appears DCeased is a dead Trinity and 2 out of the 3 may still be alive in DCeased so far.

Next up, we check on Jarnom and see how him and Conan are getting along in Savage Avengers. Done, okay story but it appears Jarnom and Conan will be together into issue 5 and apparently any bonding according to the Absolute Carnage story means a codex at least has to be left behind so that says Carnage may make an appearance or at least Conan in one of those stories.

Next up Future Foundation.


Its coming shortly. It is so good


Don’t forget the snark.

Moving on to Old Man Quill with a fresh cup of caffeinated Peach Mango beverage for fuel. 1:43 minutes to party time. Done, another okay read.

Let’s see if Batman gets a new Robin yet. Might need a spoiler for this one if that’s an R on her left breast. Hard to make out that cursive writing. I’m thinking it’s a G but it’s definitely the second issue in a row with a Robin like uniform.


This issue was well writen in my opnion. i saw the end and was like " OOO snap STFU are you serious !?!?!?"


what about deathstoke any good?


justice league 29 ?


Deathstroke is good. The ending had me scratching my head. Could he be back?


Jarro is my favorite character ever. He sells out the team.


thx should be a good read can’t wait


Breaking down HOX2

I need to read it again but it came across as Moira living a life span version of Bill Murrays Ground Hog Day.

While I’m trying to wrap my head around that it’s got me thinking what’s the point?

Every change she makes trying to get to a certain outcome appears to be changing the future for everyone which means if she ever gets to one she’s happy with then she’s basically going to be stuck in recycle hell where she’ll have to make the exact same choices over and over and over and over and over and over again to keep getting the same outcome and not changing it again.

The Ground Hog’s Day ending suggests she’ll eventually get to some point of learning that snaps her out of the cycle and ends it which implies everything until that last life is about to get undone and changed.

I was never really into secret decoder rings and writing messages in lemon juice on the back of paper type things so the 15 pages that provide white pages and no real art or comic style story aren’t really endearing the series to me right now as much as feeling like I’m being billed a higher price but getting less than a regular comics art content delivered.

Hopefully another read thru leaves a better appreciation of whatever’s going on here.

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