Curses! Spoiled Again! (9/11)


FOh boy. Last weeks lame-ness may get countered by this weeks awesomeness.

So, what spoils ya this Tuesday night?

The obvious comic, Venom 18, already has spoilers out there…but not necessarily something expected. People are already worried what the events could mean for the future spec value of a recently hot character in the book…mwah haa hahahaha!

Batman 78 is a potential spec killer for 77 if Bane turns out to be a master Illusionist and Alfred pops up around the corner fit as a fiddle…Psyche!!!

But what else is worth knowing a little something about prior to comic shops opening Wednesday? Well, rumors out there are that Moon Knight Annual, invisible woman, Gotham City Monsters and Loki all have firsts of some kind…and Miles Morales May have a first and a re-intro!

Captain Marvel 10 and Silver Surfer Black #4 could hold some surprises.

Oh, and that silly series Powers of X that nobody’s talking about…maybe something there.

So, what does the CHU community DEMAND Spoilers of??!!

Throw it down here! Maybe Anthony will come through for ya!


Venom 18. Last page reveal? Sleeper can’t bond with a kid who already has the codex inside him. Is it triggered in #18? Just my guess. There is a reason they teased the pages they did. To get all of us throwing out possible theories.


Most of the info on Venom 18 is dead wrong. Just sayin’


Yeah, there are already people whining about it, lol…from what I’ve seen it’s a great twist to the story!


People whine? No way… that never happens… :stuck_out_tongue:


Hybrid returns?


A book maybe worth a flick through on Weds is Absolute Carnage Vs Deadpool #2. Midtown has the reg cover at 1 per customer why i dont know?
Have to wait and see if anything happens.


The two Absolute Carnage issues this week are the two I’m most interested in followed by GoGo 23.

Captain Marvel 10 may be the big deal book of the week but Marvel Spoiled that a month ago so there’s no surprises coming other than seeing if a great story twist creates enough demand to offset the extra order qty the PDF generated being released in advance.

Powers of X I’m not as excited about now that the last two issues of House have started killing everyone of the Pod-Men off. It seems to have crashed the speck demand also for HOX #4 and will probably have POX#4 stay down in price as well.

It may well be the most boring week of the year if Venom and the AC’s don’t kill it.


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #48 is sold out at Midtown


They told you in the description to have it ordered already.

• I don’t want to say more because SPOILERS, but trust us when we say this is a bonkers issue in which bonkers things happen, and you should definitely order it right now!!

I’m not really getting excited now at issue 48 of a 50 issue series that I’ve never had a subscriber for or sold a shelf copy of since the teens.


All the info out there on Venom is wrong. I have the spoilers ready to go for the book at 7:55 tonight east coast. Key Collector had Dylan killing Sleeper. Wrong. Yes, Hybrid happens. And Dylan… oh boy Dylan.


Yeah, the spoiler for KCC was about as convincing as Banes chiropractic work on Alfred…inferred but not at all confirmed.

Why wait until 7:55? What’s so magical about that number? Why not Spoil us rotten now?!


Because we like to make you people squirm in your seats… :wink:


Why not 7:56? Or 8:00? Just seems like an odd time.

I’ll be here at exactly 7:55 est…better not be late!


Nice. Hoping for some spec value.


This one goes to 11.

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11 pages of spoilers for Venom #18. Means there is A LOT to share in the book.

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Looking forward to Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 too. A First Appearance and The Starling origin in the backup story should be an interesting read.
Grandpa Vulture!


Why not just spoil the whole book?!

T-minus 1:35 and counting…

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