Daemon Rose (spoilers)

Daemon Rose who made his 1st full appearance in justice league #64 is revealed to be the brother of Lois Lane in issue 65.


I’m going with #64 2nd print. Too many copies of the 1st print. I was hoping for checkmate #2 as the 1st full.

What makes you say there a lot of copies of the 1st print?

All the copies listed on ebay.

to bad 2nd is just a recolor

I don’t mind the recolors. Look at Far Sector #1 2nd print, cap marvel 8 3rd print. Although, he’s not on the cover. This is just my opinion. My logic could be flawed.


65 would still be a key for Daemon since it’s the issue he’s revealed to be Lois brother. So I wouldn’t count it out entirely.

We just met Dick Grayson’s sister and now we’re getting Lois Lane’s brother? What’s next, Superman’s cousin?

Yes, I know, I’m making a joke.

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Comic characters sure seem to have a lot of siblings they never knew about.


There are 70 listings on ebay. I have a feeling most resellers treat DC “spec” and first appearances as ideal flips, like I do. There is just no way that Justice League 64 was heavily ordered and a big print run. Didn’t even have an incentive or anything.

There were 10x as many of most the Marvel releases last week at all stores I went to than there were of JL 64.

1st print, even at $8-10, HAS to be the better investment than the recolored 2nd Print.

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You’re probably right.

Non Batman DC books are barely ordered above sub customers. DC is pretty garbage right now. Id definitely go with the first print.

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Or you could splurge and buy both?!



Oh wow. Not to digress from the thread’s purpose, but I actually think the opposite! Marvel is so bad right now. Their comics talent pool is horrible, their art talent is about 95% atrocious, and the storylines and character usage are so bad. At least DC is trying new things. All Marvel’s been doing the last few years is taking 80’s and 90’s events and rehashing them with a new “spin”. Just my opinion! :slightly_smiling_face:


Marvel doesnt try new things? Have you read any X-Books over the last 2 years? Immortal Hulk? DC has mostly washed up Marvel creators, and old guys way past their prime like Morrison. If it wasnt for Tom Taylor, Mariko Tamaki, and Tynion DC would almost be unreadable.

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Marvel comics is at such a low state right now with little signs of it getting better

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Still way better overall than DC. Its not even close.

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I’m just here to observe but there are more yellows in Marvel than in DC as far as comicbookroundup :wink:

I’ve picked up and read every issue of Immortal Hulk. And I gotta tell you I don’t get the hype. It’s not that great. It’s interesting but… eh. And Joe Bennett on art?! Holy crap. He’s such a bad choice for that book.

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