DARK BLOOD by Boom Studios

Is everyone on board yet?


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I like HBO Watchmen though. What part of it that you don’t like?

My guess is this will be a skip for most comic vets due to the content. Not enough white people with super powers in this one.


Mushu - I’m stealing your post word for word, minus a one-word swap. :slight_smile:

“…the series tackles the long, dark history of racism and violence against Black people, particularly Black men, in America head on… albeit through a superheroic sci-fi lense.”

It’s a buy for me. Especially if it’s being compared to the Watchmen HBO series.


Watchmen HBO series is probably the best thing on television since The Sopranos for me.


When does a story too race-based? I am curious.

I already preordered 2 copies but after reading these replies I think I’ll increase my order.

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I’m pretty stoked for this one.

It seems like a lot of people enjoy these stories, so I don’t want to continue to be negative or trigger anyone. :smiley:

It’s pretty pathetic, but I didn’t know much about what happened in Tulsa in 1921 until I watched The Watchmen. I dug in to research it a bit. Felt like such a @#$% for not being more aware of this event, but in talking with people, I’ve found not many really knew about it.

If for no other reason, Watchmen is worth the watch. I loved the story, and how it somehow all came together in the last 2 episodes.


Glad to see folks on board. I grabbed a couple copies. Wasnt sure how it was going to be received



Looking forward to this series.

Wouldn’t it be more along the lines of being stereotypical rather than them being racist? It’s not like someone in such position is claiming their race is better than the other. Just a thought. :wink:

Anyways, let’s keep this clean and on topic.


There will be that subsection of comic fans who will always say stuff like “oh they are just trying to be PC and woke” blah blah blah.

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Same. I was shocked that I’ve never heard about this. And similarly with the US Japanese internment camps… never heard about that either until George Takei’s documentary. These events simply weren’t taught to me, and to live into my late 30s/early 40s before learning about them really made me think about what kinds of history were (and are) prioritized in this country.

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Like Chuck D said “History shouldn’t be a mystery, Our stories real history, Not his story”.


When I read the solicitation it sounded neat. I’m gonna read it.

I did not like Watchmen (comic), read 3 issues and gave up. Should I get this?

Just wait until you hear the story of Ishi. Crazy.